Cairer – An AI directed therapy tool to support dementia carers


The Cairer app delivers personalized anxiety and depression support to those who care for dementia sufferers. Devised for healthcare providers such as the National Health Service and Medicare, this integrated service monitors caregiver well-being through well-established AI-directed cognitive behavioral therapy. The process starts with the caregiver downloading the app to initiate monitoring of their well-being. When the AI detects a baseline decline in well-being through interaction with the app, Cairer is automatically dispatched. Through regular use, the app identifies topics of distress through text-based interaction. Therapy is administered for an identified issue via six Bluetooth micro-vibrating tappers. These reproduce the anxiety-relieving effects of the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as needless acupuncture or tapping. Placement of the tappers on the facial meridian points is guided by the AI in the app. The tappers are induction charged while stored in the protective case. 

Designed by: Oliver Evans of Northumbria University

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