Student Designs

SWAP - The Dishwasher

SWAP is a dishwasher with two swappable racks that helps you manage clean and used dishes, organize the washer and the cabinets, and keep the kitchen sink free of dirty dishes. 

Designed by:  Mina Kasirifar of San Francisco State University

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Smart Communicate Assistant

The Smart Communicate Assistant helps people with varying levels of hearing abilities communicate with each other by converting speech to text and providing other nonverbal clues about life happening around them. 

Designed by:  Hong Xin, Guo Yan, Zhao Ying, Li Wenchao, and Gu Huiyu of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts

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SensUs is a two-way interactive toy set that reimagines how parents can play, learn, and grow with their babies during the early developmental phase, adapting to the baby’s behavioral changes. 

Designed by:  Jenny (Jiening) Chen of ArtCenter College of Design

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postplant is a plant-like robot that communicates through physical movement rather than verbally. It models a future where robots will communicate with us in their own way, without having to mimic human behavior. 

Designed by:  Keunwook Kim of Seoul National University

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Pio - Circadian Rhythm for Animal Welfare

Animals today live in an era of metabolic and chronic disease. By helping animals maintain their metabolic integrity, they will live healthier lives. 

Designed by:   Zehui Ni of Art Center College of Design

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Ostosystem is an ostomy bag designed to make patients more independent. It improves the connection between the bag and the base, making it easier for users to install the bag on their own. 

Designed by:  Liyuan Qiu, Anqi Zhu, Shen Liu, Ge Wu, and Yuxin Ye of Rochester Institute of Technology

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LOOP: Hand-Pulling Stirring Cup

This is a mixing cup designed for fitness lovers. It can be used to mix protein powder, fruit shakes, coffee, and other drinks. Simply pull the metal ring and the rotating module inside does the rest. 

Designed by:  Hong Xin, Guo Yan, Zhao Ying, Li Wenchao, and Guo Muhan of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts

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headspace is a series of wearable devices that extend the user’s mind. It blurs the dichotomy between mind and body, demonstrating that the mind, body, and environment are organically connected. 

Designed by:  Keunwook Kim for ZER01NE (Hyundai Motor Group)

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Smell Revived

Smell Revived is a virtual-reality-based training system that helps people regain their sense of smell after recovering from COVID-19. This project aims to help patients with smell dysfunction, such as parosmia and anosmia, recover through smell training. By using virtual reality, it provides multisensorial stimulation, which helps patients retrain their brain and nose to recognize smells. Bringing virtual reality to smell therapy makes the therapy experience more fun, engaging, and effective. Users visit virtual environments to interact with realistic objects while the wearable device releases the corresponding scents. 

Designed by: Yuting Wang, S/IDSA and Ziqing Li for BroadAR

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Slockey is a fresh new take on hockey, which allows players to compete anywhere—no ice needed. The puck glides over all smooth surfaces while ricocheting off walls. A half-inch steel bearing enclosed in an injection-moldable form provides the inertia required to swivel, spin, and launch its way into an opponent’s goals. Protective bouncy foam surrounds the puck, guaranteeing safety, while the knuckled-shaped sticks give users unmatched control when inserted inside the puck’s slot. Slockey’s approachable design offers endless game-play possibilities.

Designed by: Skyler Koetter, S/IDSA of Purdue University for Hasbro

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