Student Designs

AED Support

This is a mobile phone application for rescuing people experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. An automated external defibrillator is immediately deployed to the patient followed by an ambulance.

Designed by: Wan Kairui of Wuhan University of Technology

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Breath&Play is an intelligent nebulizer mask for children. With the mask, children can interact with iPad games during treatment.

Designed by: Bo Liu, Xiaofang Li, Hua Tan, Wei Liu and Monica Calista

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Candy ABC

Candy ABC is a children's mobile educational game that teaches the English alphabet through tactile feedback.

Designed by: Bo Liu, Xiaofang Li and Monica Calista of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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Grape Museum

The design of this museum symbolically translates its volume and abstractness based on inspiration from grapevines and reveals its beauty and grace through curves and color.

Designed by: Shim Keun Young of Architects601

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This outdoor lounge chair was designed for people who experience problems with the secretion and inhibition of serotonin hormone, which makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

Designed by: Hanju Seo of Korea Polytechnic University

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LIFT is a lamp for nighttime readers. The dual-light system simultaneously creates a focused but gentle high-quality lighting condition for reading and a soft, comfortable environment.

Designed by: Yu Huang and Jie Liu of ArtCenter College of Design

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Nature Steps

Nature Steps combats the sedentary lifestyle by delivering continuous physical and sensorial stimulation that encourages you to move.

Designed by: Joonyeon Cho and Song A Lee of Royal College of Art

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Designed for people experiencing expectation and romance over the dream of rebuilding their lives, this design conveys a sense of newness and pleasantness imbued with warmth.

Designed by: Shim Keun Young of Architects601

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Nurture keeps parents with gestational diabetes aware and in control with an ear-clip sensor that measures blood glucose level, a mobile app for dad and a tablet app to review the data.

Designed by: Yin Wang, Christin Carolina and Mady Bucher of ArtCenter College of Design

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OmmO was designed to increase grip strength to make lifting windows effortless regardless of age and physique.

Designed by: Jeongbin Im of Pratt Institute

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