Student Designs


The Airable face mask uses an air curtain that absorbs air from the surrounding area and forms an external barrier to block harmful substances while expelling exhaled air to make it easier to breathe.

Designed by: Wonho Lee, Hyein Park, Seulgee Kim, and Sungchan Ko of Hongik University

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Pathfinder is an electric two-wheeled vehicle that can help wheelchair users explore the road. With the app, wheelchair users can view nearby barrier-free facilities and obstacle tips. 

Designed by: Xudong Cai, Sian Chen, Chengyuan Chen, Yuan Chen, and Xiying Xu of Guangdong University of Technology

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To prevent the spread of COVID in airports, Sanair is an air sanitizer that sprays nontoxic hypochlorous acid, an all-natural sanitizing mist, inside the airport airbridge to sanitize people and their luggage.

Designed by: Sungjik Kim, Jordan Taylor, and Yizhang Liu of The New School, Parsons School of Design

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Wind-up shavers were introduced in the 1960s. They were even sent on missions to the moon because of their convenience. Due to technological advances in electronics, they were rendered obsolete. Moove reintroduces this technology to a world in need of a more sustainable way to live. Instead of using electricity, Moove is powered by an internal main spring that when cranked builds up energy and activates an internal gear mechanism that powers the oscillating foil blade. Three seconds of winding will give three minutes of shave time. Moove was created to reduce the amount of electricity consumed by consumer products and the e-waste generated by high obsolescence rates and electronic failures. 

Designed by: David Shaltanis of Virginia Tech

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Swell Surf Foot

The Swell Surf Foot is a prosthetic foot designed to mitigate the challenges amputees face when visiting the beach to surf. While many current prosthetics work well on dry land, their quality and flexibility lack the preferred performance during a surfing session. Featuring a unique dual urethane bushing system and sole, Swell allows amputees to closely replicate the flexibility, grip, and movement of a human foot, enabling surfers to move in ways current prosthetics prohibit. Designed with materials intended for use in corrosive saltwater, Swell withstands the effects of the harsh ocean environment from session to session. Swell can be easily adjusted at the beach, allowing users to fine-tune it to their desired performance.

Designed by: Zachary Samalonis and Yuhan Zhang of Jefferson University

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TômTex was designed as a sustainable alternative to faux and animal leathers. It is made of two key bio-based ingredients, seashell waste and coffee grounds, and uses no tanning process or backing material. It is a solution that makes productive use of the more than 9 million tons of wasted coffee grounds produced globally each year and the 6–8 million tons of shellfish waste generated by the food industry annually. It also provides an alternative for the toxic tanning process. More than 90% of the leather produced globally is chrome tanned, which harms the environment and workers’ health and safety.

Designed by: Uyen Tran of Parsons School of Design

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Sentinel - Outbreak Bio-reconnaissance

Sentinel is a tele-epidemiology system that rapidly diagnoses and reports disease data in real time to a cloud network. It also safely collects viral samples for further analysis. The system utilizes emerging microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technology with IoT connectivity to enable health services to gather essential outbreak information, such as the percentage of the local population infected, locational insights on the outbreak origin, and who is vulnerable to infection. In contrast to swab tests, for which reliable results can take several hours, Sentinel provides results within 30 seconds, enabling health authorities to make faster and more informed decisions to prevent further spread and an escalation to the level of a pandemic.

Designed by: Oliver Evans of Northumbria University

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OPlay—A Medical Product for Children with Asthma

OPlay makes administering asthma medication, monitoring children and their symptoms, and recording data a seamless and friendly process. It integrates the playing of a musical instrument with the use of an asthma spacer and a peak flow measurement tool. When a child uses OPlay, it senses actions and plays corresponding melodies. Different music pieces provide feedback during each step. The use of the device is also guided by a light that facilitates the process. OPlay makes tedious asthma therapy a joyful recital presented by children, making treatment more interesting and psychologically accessible to children.

Designed by: Jinxuan Yang, Jieying Mo, Yue Deng, and Fan Wang of School of Design, Jiangnan University

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Elves - Shinola Camping Accessory Set

Elves is a camping accessory set that offers sustainable design solutions for users who are conscientious about their impact on the environment. It prevents carbon and smoke emissions and the possibility of causing accidental forest fires. Elves was designed to provide a new campfire experience, complete with an area to roast marshmallows. At the heart of Elves is a reimagined fireplace that runs on solar energy. It features a s’more pit, a coffee brewer, tableware, and a hanging light. The forms in the set are inspired by bundled branches, minimalism, and a celebration of the environment around it, rather than drawing attention to the product itself. 

Designed by: Qing Yan of ArtCenter College of Design

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MYO - Mix Your Own Household Cleaners

MYO is a system that allows you to mix your own natural household cleaners and soaps, dramatically lowering your carbon footprint and saving you time and money in the process. Customers receive cleaners in the mail as concentrated tablets. Each tablet contains enough solution for several months in a package the size of an envelope. You dissolve the tablets in water by rapidly mixing them with a magnetic spinner in an inexpensive family of reusable mixing vessels, creating suds-free liquid cleaning solutions. Adding water at the point of use drastically reduces emissions from shipping and eliminates unnecessary single-use plastic packaging.

Designed by: Jason Carley, IDSA, of University of Notre Dame

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