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TRIBORD R'gomoove

The new R'gomoove snorkeling fins are the result of advanced research into aquatic propulsion. The angled blade makes for more comfortable kicking and helps reduce hyperextension of the feet. The Velcro strap adjustment system provides a closer fit and improved ergonomics and makes the flippers as easy to pull on as shoes.

Contact: Arnault Gournac: Credit:Tribord Design Team, Jean-Marc Seynhaeve and Frédéric Guillot of Oxylane Group (France) Client:

Relax Backpack

The Relax Backpack combines two products into one – a rucksack and a mosquito net. It is suitable for leisure activities, such as camping and resting, and research or field trips. Easy to be assembled, the backpack contains several compartments that can be easily reached while in use or when closed. It can fit equipment like laptops, notebooks, pocket knives, flashlights, squeeze bottles, etc. It is made of cotton canvas, nylon, tulle, zippers and nylon strings.

Contact: Andre Poppovic:

Credit: André Poppovic of Oz Design (Brasil) and Marko Brajovic of Atelier Marko Brajovic (Brasil)

Nike LunarGlide+

The LunarGlide is a new running shoe designed with innovative mid-sole architecture called Dynamic Support, a patent-pending system that adapts to a runner's gait with each step, providing superior cushioning and as-needed stability. It also incorporates Nike+ technology, the Nike+ Sensor that fits in Nike+ shoes and enables runners to easily track their runs. The LunarGlide+ is available in a gender-specific women's shoe, engineered to accommodate a woman's distinct needs for comfort, fit and support.

Contact: Drieke Leenknegt:

Credit: Sebastien Mermet of Nike Inc.

Digital Camera by Canon

This product is a digital camera specialized for outdoor use. It is waterproof up to 10m, highly dust resistant, cold resistant up to -10°C and shockproof up to 1.22m. The control buttons are large so users can operate them even when wearing gloves, and thanks to a newly developed auto mode, practically the only button users need operate is the shutter button. An innovative design allows a variety of straps to be attached to the four corners of the camera so users can carry in whichever way suits them. Users can easily switch between different colored faceplates to tailor the camera's appearance to its environment. The main target is men in their 30s who enjoy sea, mountain and other outdoor excursions.

Contact: Tatsuo Kojima:

Credit: Kenichi Nishimura and Katsuhito Yoshio of Canon (Japan)

NPX Lucifer Drysuit

The industry's first snowboard-style drysuit, the Lucifer is a one-piece drysuit that looks like a separate jacket and pants. The Lucifer is intended for kitesurfing in extremely cold climates. A special hole in the front allows the wearer to keep the harness (a special belt to connect to the kite) concealed under the jacket.  Water- and wind-proof fabric with latex seals at the wrists and ankles keeps the wearer warm while being fully breathable, allowing for perspiration. The inner tricot layer of the fabric provides comfort next to the skin, and the fit of the Lucifer was designed and tested by professional riders for ideal, unrestricted freedom of movement when performing kitesurfing maneuvers.

Contact: Alex Zenovic:

Credit: Vanessa Ho of Pryde Group (Hong Kong) and Julien Fillion of Everlast Ocean (Canada)

Jimmyjane FORM2

FORM 2 is the first in a groundbreaking new series of waterproof, rechargeable vibrators entitled, "PLEASURE TO THE PEOPLE." This innovative series underscores Jimmyjane's commitment to reimagining sexual well-being with an emphasis on design excellence, unparalleled quality and of course, pleasure.  FORM 2 is a compact design featuring two flexible vibrating ears that move independently for perfect positioning. Unlike any other vibrator, the tip of each ear is individually powered for dynamic stimulation, delivering "Sensation in Stereo," which can offer more than twice the intensity of the products previously available.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

Credit: Yves Behar, IDSA, Josh Morenstein, Pichaya Puttorngul and Giuseppe Della Sala of fuseproject, and Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane

Fitbit Tracker

Like a thumb-drive for fitness powered by sophisticated 3-D motion sensor technology, the FitBit Tracker counts steps taken, calories burned and quality of sleep, conveying this data in the blue glow of an OLED display. FitBit is a miniature wireless tracker that clips easily to clothing, complementing any outfit. With its own web account, this wellness device paints a vivid digital picture of overall activity as well as automatically uploading data of its wearer's movements for easy tracking of progress over time.

"Finally a health device that creates and carries its own identity!  The clip form factor is very appropriate and intuitive, the design language blends jewelry cues and consumer electronics quality into a very memorable yet discrete object."  --Sandrine Lebas, LUNAR

Contact: Gadi Amit:

Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Yoshi Hoshino, Nichole Towler, Laura Bucholtz and Barbara Stettler of NewDealDesign LLC for Fitbit Inc.

Meyerhoffer™ Surfboard

The classic longboard is an elongated, slightly concave ovoid, a shape that has changed little since surfing was invented by the ancient Hawaiians. This surfboard is shorter; a hybrid that turns better, paddles easier and still noserides like a longboard.

“This product rides the fluid edge between evolving the sport via design and new materials and being authentically relevant to surfers and surf culture. Like the quest for the perfect wave...the quest for the perfect board boldly continues with the Meyerhoffer. —Brett Lovelady, IDSA, ASTRO

Contact: Thomas Meyerhoffer:

Credit: Thomas Meyerhoffer of Meyerhoffer Inc. for Global Surf Industries


KOR ® Vida Hydration Vessel

KOR ® Vida Hydration Vessel

The KOR Vida reusable stainless steel water bottle was designed as an alternative to disposable aluminum and plastic water bottles. Featuring a clean, ergonomic design, Vida was built to harmonize with KOR’s existing and new product portfolio, and it was designed to be appropriate for all users in all environments, whether at the office, gym, home or anywhere in between.

Leverage Freedom Chair

The Leverage Freedom chair is designed to give wheelchair users the same access to the woods, trails and difficult terrain that mountain bike riders have. Its twin-lever drive and bicycle-style drivetrain gives riders the increased leverage to get over obstacles and climb steep grades.

Credits: Continuum design team with the MIT Mobility Lab

Contact: Ed Milano: