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Fitbit Tracker

Like a thumb-drive for fitness powered by sophisticated 3-D motion sensor technology, the FitBit Tracker counts steps taken, calories burned and quality of sleep, conveying this data in the blue glow of an OLED display. FitBit is a miniature wireless tracker that clips easily to clothing, complementing any outfit. With its own web account, this wellness device paints a vivid digital picture of overall activity as well as automatically uploading data of its wearer's movements for easy tracking of progress over time.

"Finally a health device that creates and carries its own identity!  The clip form factor is very appropriate and intuitive, the design language blends jewelry cues and consumer electronics quality into a very memorable yet discrete object."  --Sandrine Lebas, LUNAR

Contact: Gadi Amit:

Credit: Gadi Amit, IDSA, Yoshi Hoshino, Nichole Towler, Laura Bucholtz and Barbara Stettler of NewDealDesign LLC for Fitbit Inc.

Meyerhoffer™ Surfboard

The classic longboard is an elongated, slightly concave ovoid, a shape that has changed little since surfing was invented by the ancient Hawaiians. This surfboard is shorter; a hybrid that turns better, paddles easier and still noserides like a longboard.

“This product rides the fluid edge between evolving the sport via design and new materials and being authentically relevant to surfers and surf culture. Like the quest for the perfect wave...the quest for the perfect board boldly continues with the Meyerhoffer. —Brett Lovelady, IDSA, ASTRO

Contact: Thomas Meyerhoffer:

Credit: Thomas Meyerhoffer of Meyerhoffer Inc. for Global Surf Industries


KOR ® Vida Hydration Vessel

KOR ® Vida Hydration Vessel

The KOR Vida reusable stainless steel water bottle was designed as an alternative to disposable aluminum and plastic water bottles. Featuring a clean, ergonomic design, Vida was built to harmonize with KOR’s existing and new product portfolio, and it was designed to be appropriate for all users in all environments, whether at the office, gym, home or anywhere in between.

Leverage Freedom Chair

The Leverage Freedom chair is designed to give wheelchair users the same access to the woods, trails and difficult terrain that mountain bike riders have. Its twin-lever drive and bicycle-style drivetrain gives riders the increased leverage to get over obstacles and climb steep grades.

Credits: Continuum design team with the MIT Mobility Lab

Contact: Ed Milano:

Kestrel 4000LTD Time Trial + Triathlon Bike

The Kestrel 4000LTD is a production carbon fiber time-trial and triathlon racing bicycle. This bike is made for the most competitive, driven and passionate athletes in triathlon and cycling. Triathletes use it to cover hundreds of miles with ruthless efficiency. Professional road racers use it to cut agonizing seconds off of their overall times in the time trial events of epic stage races.

Credits: Greg Janky, Treasure Hinds, IDSA and Sean Horita of Anvil Studios Inc. for Kestrel Advanced Sports Inc.

Contact: Treasure Hinds:

Jimmyjane FORM 3

FORM 3 is a departure from typical sexual well-being products; everything about and on FORM 3 was considered for utmost functionality, durability and ergonomics. Featuring a flexible silicone touchpad, it flexes and yields with the application of pressure, allowing the vibration sensation to be directed wherever desired. The soft silicone touchpad acts as a natural extension of the hand, intuitively moving with the body so as to disappear into the experience.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA and Josh Morestein of fuseproject and Ethan Imboden of Jimmyjane for Jimmyjane

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

Springfree™ Trampoline S113 Large Square Model

The Springfree S113 Trampoline underwent 14 years of research and testing before the product was ready for the public. It features a four-step safety system that removes the injury zones associated with traditional spring-based trampolines, such as placing the frame below the jumping surface and using flexible enclosure rods.

Credits: Dr. Keith Alexander (New Zealand)

Contact: Chelsea McDermott:


Spectrum is a chess game entirely manufactured with paper and assembled by the user. Aimed at the educational field, Spectrum addresses the assembling phase as recreational, entertaining and educational opportunities in which the user plays an active role. Aesthetically, Spectrum simplifies the shape of the traditional chess pieces, absorbing their personalities and hierarchical positions while rebuilding them through a process of simplification without symbolic loss.

Credits: Paulo Nogueira (Brazil)                                                                                  
Contact: Paulo Nogueira:


Tugboat, Fire Truck, Stacking Blocks, Stacking Rings, and Stacking Cups.

Green Toys are a durable, sustainable and safe family of domestically produced toys made with 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) milk jugs from the California municipal curbside recycling system. The toys can also be recycled, resulting in a closed loop manufacturing model. The toys encourage play, age-appropriate learning and stimulation for children 6 months and up.   

Credits: Green Toys Inc.: Robert von Goeben & Brian Gulassa and LUNAR: Jeff Servaites, Scott Herbst
Contact: Danielle Guttman:



Ola is a personal vibrator that uses squeezable technology to create an intuitive, personalized and interactive experience. Ola’s squeezable interface allows users to control the intensity of the vibrations by simply squeezing harder or softer, making Ola feel like an extension of the body. It can also capture and play back users’ squeeze patterns, allowing them to create an infinite number of personalized compositions to suit their desires.      

Credits: Minna Life Inc., Christine Marcelino, John Pelochino, Jon Thomas, Brian Krieger, Akbar Dhanaliwala, Tae Kim, Makewell, Jonathan Motzkin, Melissa Schmechel and pocobor LLC
Contact: Akbar Dhanaliwala: