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Spectrum is a chess game entirely manufactured with paper and assembled by the user. Aimed at the educational field, Spectrum addresses the assembling phase as recreational, entertaining and educational opportunities in which the user plays an active role. Aesthetically, Spectrum simplifies the shape of the traditional chess pieces, absorbing their personalities and hierarchical positions while rebuilding them through a process of simplification without symbolic loss.

Credits: Paulo Nogueira (Brazil)                                                                                  
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Tugboat, Fire Truck, Stacking Blocks, Stacking Rings, and Stacking Cups.

Green Toys are a durable, sustainable and safe family of domestically produced toys made with 100 percent recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) milk jugs from the California municipal curbside recycling system. The toys can also be recycled, resulting in a closed loop manufacturing model. The toys encourage play, age-appropriate learning and stimulation for children 6 months and up.   

Credits: Green Toys Inc.: Robert von Goeben & Brian Gulassa and LUNAR: Jeff Servaites, Scott Herbst
Contact: Danielle Guttman:



Ola is a personal vibrator that uses squeezable technology to create an intuitive, personalized and interactive experience. Ola’s squeezable interface allows users to control the intensity of the vibrations by simply squeezing harder or softer, making Ola feel like an extension of the body. It can also capture and play back users’ squeeze patterns, allowing them to create an infinite number of personalized compositions to suit their desires.      

Credits: Minna Life Inc., Christine Marcelino, John Pelochino, Jon Thomas, Brian Krieger, Akbar Dhanaliwala, Tae Kim, Makewell, Jonathan Motzkin, Melissa Schmechel and pocobor LLC
Contact: Akbar Dhanaliwala:


LOCAL bicycle

The LOCAL bicycle integrates function with form, ensuring that while the bike answers safety concerns and carrying capabilities, the aesthetic remains simple and elegant. With a front platform capable of carrying nearly anything you might want, it is perfect for getting around, transporting kids or surfboards, or fetching groceries. Additionally, LOCAL has integrated lighting and dual hydraulic breaks for a safe, secure riding experience.

Credits: fuseproject, Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Noah Murphy-Reinhertz, Nick Cronan of fuseproject
 and Jeremy Sycip of Sycip Cylces
Contact: Lauren Busto:


Blinder Lights

Blinders Lights are USB-rechargeable bike safety lights that are waterproof, bright, efficient and intuitive. Custom lenses focus the light to maximize intensity and visibility. Lithium polymer technology allows up to 50 hours of running time when set to one of four flash modes. The quick-release mechanism is robust and simple to use and allows the product to compliment any frame aesthetic to cater to the diverse audience within urban cycling.

Credits: Catalyst Design Group Pty Ltd., Hugo Davidson, Mal McKechnie, Jonathan Chan, Tim Besley, Chris Bilanenko, Kynan Taylor, Joelene Tee, David Edwards, Mike Lelliot and Lucy Glade-Wright
Corporate Sponsor: Knog Pty Ltd.
Contact: Joelene Tee:


Recline Personal

The Recline Personal recumbent bike lets user have a safe, quality cardiovascular workout at home. It provides an ergonomic seat and pedals, elegant finishings and materials, and intuitive adjustments. The biomechanics were meticulously crafted, entertainment is guaranteed via Visioweb over the Internet, and its functional components are inline with the professional lines used in gyms.

Credits: Antonio Citterio and Antonio Citterio & partners
Contact: Luca Basso:


The Original Ba

The Original Ba is a bottle holder for babies. Its spherical shape and rounded ergonomic cuts allow the smaller hands of a child to have a better grip on the bottle during feeding, resulting in less drops and spills. The Ba also provides parents with a truly unique tool to help begin their children’s transition to solo feeding. It is made of medical-grade BPA-free silicone, making it both durable and soft to the touch.

Credits: NEW, Jason Martin, The Original, Travis Hendricks and Courtney Taylor-Taylor
Contact: Jason Martin:



Build-a-Robot features four interchangeable geometric-shaped heads with the emotions of happiness, sadness, anger and surprise to help children ages 3 to 7 with Autism Spectrum Disorder to identify emotions and increase fine motor strength. The robot also features a range of textures and a surprise element of sound to address sensory issues.

Credits: PlanToys Inc. and Laura Chun Urquiaga
Corporate Sponsor: PlanCreations Co. Ltd.
Contact: Laura Chun Urquiaga:


Nike+ FuelBand

The Nike+ FuelBand is the ultimate sports motivator. It tracks activity as NikeFuel, a universal metric based on oxygen kinetics mapped to activities and associated movements. This enables athletes to compare, compete and collaborate across activities, regardless of gender and body type. Whether you walk, dance or play catch, the more you move, the more NikeFuel you earn. The FuelBand also tracks calorie and step count—and is also a watch. The experience doesn't end on the wrist; all of the data captured on the band syncs effortlessly to a rich mobile or Web-based experience. The Nike+ FuelBand merges the digital and physical worlds to motivate and inspire athletes to make every day count.

Nike has always been dedicated to inspiring and motivating athletes to do more. The challenge was to grow the Nike+ community by creating an authentic experience that enables all athletes to be the best they can be all day, every day. The following insights allowed the designers to formulate a strategy that would solve this challenge: make the invisible visible because you can’t improve what you can’t measure; enable athletes across multiple sports and activities to compare, compete and collaborate by creating a common social currency; provide continuous motivational feedback on users’ progress; design for all-day comfort and aesthetics; make it user friendly, intuitive and fun; and create the ultimate motivator for everyday athletes to do more.

Users start by setting a target for how active they’d like to be each day. A built-in three-axis accelerometer measures their physical activities, and a single button interface shows them how much NikeFuel they've earned and how close they are to their daily goals. Fitness becomes a game as users track their progress from red to green throughout the day. When they reach their goals, the band celebrates with them. The FuelBand effortlessly syncs to the mobile app through Bluetooth or to the Nike+ website through the built-in USB. Through the online community users can tap into a chain of inspiration. They can compete with themselves or share results with friends to compare, compete and celebrate; see personal activity graphs for the day, week, month and year; unlock achievements and celebrations as they reach new milestones; and share their successes or challenge friends via Facebook and Twitter.

The Nike+ FuelBand is designed to fit the active lifestyle with its sport-inspired aesthetic and all-day comfort. The complexity of the device is hidden within a soft outer skin, sculpted to emphasize its slender profile and beveled to draw attention to the color LEDs; every detail has a purpose. It comes in three sizes and uses an integrated link system for fine fit adjustment. It is powered by two curved lithium polymer batteries that conform to the curve of the wrist.

Credit: Nike Digital Sport and partners
Contact: Howard Lichter:


"ONCE UPON A TIME" Toy Theater

"Once upon a time" is a toy theatre for children of all ages (from 3 years old on). It is a contemporary redesign of traditional toy theaters of the late 18th century. The theater is equipped with several scenarios and cardboard characters, it turns into a case easy to assemble, disassemble, store and carry. The toy follows a child's growth for several years because sets of scenarios and characters can be purchased separately, targeted to different age groups. It stimulates creative freedom, the child's interaction with family, with other children, educators and teachers (it can be used as teaching material). Scenarios and characters can be created by the children themselves, using drawings, magazine clippings, gluing and photographs of themselves. After all, if imagination has no limits, toys cannot either!

Designed by Bruna Madureira

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