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Silicone Travel Bottle

Travel bottles are notoriously inflexible, hard to clean and prone to leakage. This design has solved all of those problems with a squishable, leakproof, easy to fill and easy to clean way to store and dispense liquids and gels during travel. A silicone body makes the bottle easy and comfortable to squeeze with minimal force. The neck diameter was sized specifically to allow easy, thorough cleaning. An O-ring has been integrated, creating a secure seal.

Contact: Paul Koh: Credit:Paul Koh Client:


With the dual functions of bicycle light and flashlight, the Luxo I-109 boasts a tool-free attachment and easily removable bracket, making it a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts looking for convenience. Round plastic o-rings give the Luxo a high degree of water resistance. The reflector angles are calculated precisely to provide optimal lighting for a wider and longer beam. The precise angles also help eliminate flashing, increasing the safety for road users. All this and environmentally-friendly, too -- a single 1 Watt LED is used to produce the lighting brightness of 8-10 lux.

Contact: Credit:Duck Image Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) Client:Chance Good Ent. Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

Ergon GR2 - bike grips

Creating the world's most ergonomic and comfortable bike grip required finding out how different hand sizes are affected by the biking experience. Research showed, for example, that women have more nerves in the palms of their hands. The designers of the Ergon GR2 used this and other information to create a grip that reduces/eliminates pain and numbness in the hand, thereby increasing bikers' performance and enhancing the joy of bicycling. In addition to being comfortable, the grip gives the biker maximum control when riding on rough surfaces with sweaty or muddy hands.

Contact: Anna Romboli: Credit: Ergonomidesign (Sweden) Client: RTI Sports GmbH (Germany)

Artengo RollNet

Rollnet makes it possible to play table tennis in apartments or outdoors, on big tables and small tables -- wherever someone feels like striking up a game. A truncated, conical shape gives this portable net a broader base and increased stability, allowing it to fit all types of tables. Its winding mechanism and clipping system allow it to fasten and fit on tables that are square, rectangular or even round. RollNet is sold in a reusable carry pack while all components are recyclable.

Contact: Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client:

SylvanSport GO - Mobile Adventure Gear

This is a three-in-one towable vehicle that morphs from a compact, traveling profile to a rugged toy-hauler mode to a spacious and comfortable camping configuration. The integrated, lightweight unit can be pulled by almost any vehicle and can carry up to 800 lbs. of gear. It can also accommodate top-mount racking systems for bicycles, kayaks and more. For its toy-hauler mode, GO's control-tilt deck releases at the front, angling the deck toward the rear for loading. The tilted deck lowers gradually back to level with a hydraulically-controlled return. The camping configuration features a weather-proof tent system and a sleeping surface equivalent to a king-and-a-half sized bed.

"This trailer can turn a compact car into a weekend-only SUV… instead of one for the daily commute. The designers thought through many uses and tuned this trailer to adapt elegantly to seemingly endless outdoor needs."

Alistair Hamilton, IDSA, Creative Director, Mobile Communications Business, Microsoft

Contact: Kyle Mundt: Credit:SylvanSport, LLC Client:


Bike lanes have proven to be an effective method of protecting cyclists on congested roads, yet they can be cost prohibitive to install. LightLane provides an alternative. Using a laser, it projects a crisply defined virtual bike lane onto the pavement, giving drivers a familiar boundary to avoid. With this wider margin of safety, bikers will regain their confidence to ride at night, making the bicycle a more viable commuting alternative.

"With LightLane, instead of you having to adapt to established bike lanes, the bike lanes adapt to you. It makes you more visible in the dark and gives motorists a clear idea of how much space a bike really needs to be safe."

--Rosario Costa, creative director, LEGO System A/S (Denmark)

Contact: Nicole Conner: Credit: Evan Gant, IDSA and Alex Tee of Altitude Inc. Client:

WEDZE Virtuous jacket

This jacket also features a removable vest that a wearer can inflate via a small tube. So when you're cold, just blow up the vest. Inflation provides a six degree increase in temperature. When hot, the wearer can deflate and detach the vest and use the outer jacket on its own.

"Innovative, simple and functional--you can adjust the warmth of this jacket to your personal taste so skiing remains enjoyable, whatever the weather conditions."

--Rosario Costa, creative director, LEGO System A/S (Denmark)

Contact: Arnault Gournac: Credit: Wedze Design Team (France) and Fanny Troesch of Oxylane Group (France) Client:

B-TWIN Tyre Lever 100

This gadget includes all the little extras that make it easy to remove and refit your bicycle tires. The tool was specifically designed to be ergonomic and user-friendly.

Contact: Arnault Gournac: Credit: B-Twin Design Team, Max André Requillart and Xavier Roth Fichet of Oxylane Group (France) Client:


The Hyperdunk basketball shoe combines the styling of classic basketball footwear from the early 1990s with cutting-edge technology. The result is a basketball shoe that delivers uncompromising performance, stability and cushioning. Its light weight and added strength allow athletes to be more agile on their feet and faster on the track or on the court.

Contact: Drieke Leenknegt: Credit: Eric Avar and Tom Luedeke of Nike Client:

LunaRacer shoe

This shoe was designed for everyday athletes looking for incredibly soft and responsive cushioning in a feather-light package. At 5.5 ounces, the LunaRacer successfully weds attributes that are usually in opposition: light yet highly responsive cushioning joined to an upper that is lightweight yet strong, and flexible yet stable.

Contact:Drieke Leenknegt: Credit: Kevin Hoffer, Eric Avar and Jay Meschter of Nike (Germany) Client: