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Wed'ze FR9 Boots

The single lace concept of the FRP snowboard boots is an exclusive system that tightens and blocks at the same time, cutting buckle-up time in half. The boot volume has been compressed by fixing the inner boot to the outer boot, creating more room to slide it on. The standard boot length is two sizes shorter than traditional boots, giving the user a feel for the snow rarely achieved before. A comfortable and technical multi-zoned tongue allows for powerful and reactive weight transfer. These revolutionary new boots also dry faster because they are designed to open up wider. This is the first pair of boots on the market that enables snowboarders with a shoe size over 43 European to ride a standard-width board.

Contact:Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client:

Tribord Secufit

An ergonomic study of the human body in motion while sailing has enabled Tribord to design a life jacket that is safe and comfortable, even during maneuvers. The Secufit life jacket allows the wearer total freedom of movement, whether working on the boat or in survival mode. The foam collar supports the head, making it more comfortable than other life jackets and reducing any strangling sensation. A unique, patented design keeps the headrest folded over and out of the way during sailing but unfolds immediately if the wearer falls in water.

Contact: Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client:

TLKR T3 and T5 two-way radios

The TLKR T3 and T5 are two-way radios that have been designed to successfully reinvent the family radio system market (FRS), while at the same time paying homage to the previous design of this classic product. Developed for active, outdoor users, these devices provide effective and reliable two-way communication independent of any network or license registration. The iconic form conveys a universal appeal that has made these radios popular with a wide range of consumers. They fit easily in the hand and are comfortable to carry. Functions such as private sub-channels and a stopwatch are accessed by using the keypad to scroll through the intuitive user interface.

Contact: Chi Tran: Credit:Motorola Design Integration Client:Motorola Inc.

The Amphibian™ Dynamic Scuba Fin

This design allows divers to walk and climb boat ladders without removing their fins. To switch the fins to a walking position, a diver uses the opposite heel to press and release the integrated latching mechanism on the toe. The patented Aqua-Hinge contains two custom stainless steel hinges that pivot the blade section of the fin to rest against a diver’s shin. Shoe-like tread on the sole gives traction on uneven and wet surfaces. A diver enters the water with the fins in the up position. Water resistance automatically latches the fins into a swimming position during the first few kicks. This results in a truly hands-free operation. Fins may now be the first thing divers put on and the last thing they take off, meaning safer, more enjoyable dives.

Contact: Casey Stahl: Credit: Designcraft, Inc. Client: Omega Aquatics

Quechua NCC

The NCC is a dramatic improvement on the sleeping bags of old. Comfort is integrated into the dual element structure, which prevents the bag from "spinning" and allows superior insulation. The integrated self-inflating mattress unfolds instantly. The underside of the mattress features an anti-puncture material which is twice as resistant to puncture as the market average and the cloth interior feels just like cotton. This innovative design gives consumers the comfort of home in a sleeping bag.

Contact: Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client:

PT3 Ultramagnetic Collection

The Puma PT3 ping pong and ball case is a simple solution to protecting and carrying core ping pong equipment: the paddle and balls. No zippers, buttons or hard to close mechanisms here; just simple, magnetic closures that afford users easy access to their ping pong equipment at play time. The beautiful case doubles as the packaging, making environmentally-unfriendly paper and plastic wrappers unnecessary. The Puma PT3 has transformed the way ping pong loyalists use their equipment.

Contact: Rinat Aruh, IDSA: Credit: aruliden Client: Puma

Jimmyjane FORM 6 Water-Resistant, Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

Form 6 is the only rechargeable vibrating massager that is also water-resistant, making it suitable for use in the shower. The designers have succeeded in creating a new vibrating massager embodying all of the quality, innovation and sophistication that are central to the brand. It is also highly accessible in price point and distribution. Form 6 is designed with organic contours that fit the hand and conform to the body. Depending on the user's intentions, the product can be used either for sexual stimulation and interaction, or for massage and relaxation.

Contact: Deanna Moen: Credit:Jimmyjane Client:

Airflow Tennis Racquet for HEAD

HEAD's Airflow family is a racquet line designed for female tennis players. To meet the needs of this market, the designers were charged with creating an extremely light and well-balanced racquet and lowering the balance point to cater to the preferences of the recreational player. The grip is designed to perfectly fit a woman's hand. The family of racquets is tied together by means of the consistent design language.

Contact: Eric Stangarone: Credit:IDEO and HEAD (Germany) Client:

Wed'ze RNS7 Helmet

The RNS 7 is an ultra-light, ventilated, sleek, safe helmet for skiers and snowboarders. Safety is enhanced by the integration of the "Recco" system that makes it easier to find the wearer in the event of an avalanche. Its exclusive goggle-fixing system is placed on the side for maximum efficiency; when not worn over the eyes, the mask is locked in place on top of the helmet. A fabric panel covers the ears and neck to keep the wearer warm and comfy, but is easily removed to be cleaned or if warmer conditions dictate.

Contact: Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client:

Tribord CR900

The first life jacket designed specifically for women, the CR900 was created for intensive cold-weather coastal and open-sea sailing. A high, double collar helps retain heat while protecting from the rain and also allows ventilation. The neon-yellow hood, shoulder patches, logos and reflective collar are positioned to optimize the wearer's visibility at night or in overcast weather. Waterproof neoprene sleeves keep sailors dry with an exclusive patented "double sleeve" feature that prevents spray and rain from creeping in at wrist level. The hood has three different settings and a built-in rim.

Contact: Philippe Vahe, I/IDSA: Credit:Decathlon (France) Client: