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Mi Drone

Mi Drone is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) quad-copter for the hobbyist market. With high-energy density batteries, ARAD airfoil propellers and a lightweight body, Mi Drone features exceptional cruising duration of 27 minutes, and can fly as high as 500 meters and as far as 3000 meters to capture stabilized 4K or 1080P aerial footage. Connected to a mobile app, the product supports real-time image downlink, one-button auto take-off and landing, emergency return-to-home and automatic flying around points-of-interest and along preset paths. Mi Drone has foldable landing skids and easy, detachable gimbal camera structure for better portability. An integrated repeater and handset holder are designed inside the remote controller for functionality and ergonomics.Mi Drone is easy to pack and carry, so people can better enjoy the fun of video shooting from a bird’s eye view.

Designed by: Mi Industrial Design Team & FIMI Industrial Design Team of Xiaomi Inc.

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GBB Epic Driver

GBB Epic Driver features an innovative new technology called Jailbreak that helps golfers hit longer shots. The key structural components of a driver—crown, sole and face—deform at impact. Because they're connected, they influence each other's dynamics. Jailbreak incorporates two titanium bars positioned vertically behind the face, connected to the crown and sole. The bars’ size, strength and position create a new relationship among the crown, sole and face—creating a profound change in how the head, as a whole, behaves at impact. This results in more impact-load on the face to promote more ball speed for longer distance.

Designed by: Callaway Golf Research & Development/Design Team

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Paralympic Racing Wheelchair

Designworks collaborated with BMW and the US Paralympic Track and Field team to develop a Paralympic Racing Wheelchair customized for world-class athletes. Designers immersed themselves in the challenges of the athletes to understand what’s needed to win. The outcome: a wheelchair using aerodynamics, lightweight materials and extensive ergonomic analysis to optimize athletic performance.

Designed by: Designworks, a BMW Group Company, BMW NA and the USA Paralympic Track and Field team

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Yaktrax Summit

The Summit is a new breed of traction device designed to travel light and fast on winter hikes or backcountry treks that is quick and easy to put on. The closure system opens wide to fit around the boot and then cinches down securely with a turn of the Boa dial. This precision lace system allows the user to set the perfect tension so the device stays locked in place through long hikes. They are even faster to remove; pull out the Boa dial to release the tension and they pop right off.

Designed by: Kurt Rampton, Monty Montague, IDSA and Ellis Wang of BOLTGROUP for Implus Footcare

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Fireball is a control device for kitesurfing with a ball and socket apparatus that connects the kite to the rider. Fireball features a rotational friction-free method of connection, which sidesteps a decades-long industry-standard hook-and-loop connection. Fireball is much closer to the rider’s core than a traditional hook and loop and provides a substantial increase in control and comfort.

Designed by: Pete Cabrinha, Dave Hastilow, Dave Starbuck and Phil Sobolev of Cabrinha Kites Design Center for the Cabrinha Kites, a subsidiary of Pryde Group Ltd.

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Q-Collar is the world’s first technology to use the body’s natural physiology to protect against mild traumatic brain injury caused by concussive events. A revolutionary approach to protecting the brain, Q-Collar addresses the problem from the inside out by mimicking the natural defense used by woodpeckers. The collar applies slight pressure to the neck to mildly increase blood volume in the brain. This creates a cushion that reduces slosh. Initial research on the collar has shown significant reduction in changes to the brain caused by concussive impacts. Q-Collar is a breakthrough for athletics, the military and industry.

Designed by: Jamison Float, James Lua, IDSA, Kevin Vititoe, Sherry Jones and Priority Designs for Q30 Innovations

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Mugello R D-Air®

The Mugello R D-Air suit is the ultimate expression of Dainese's Mission Safety that balances protection, comfort, style and performance. Developed in collaboration with the MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi, Mugello R includes 25 new technical features and five patented innovations that make it the most advanced safety system for professional motorcycling ever produced.

Designed by: Dainese SpA

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Smart Rope is a jump rope that displays fitness data in mid-air! See your jump count like a hologram and sync to the Smart Gym mobile app—tracking jump count, calories burned and workout times. It recommends training intervals and keeps you motivated by unlocking rewards and competing with your friends. The actual mechanics of the jump rope are redesigned, lacing the rope at an innovative 45 degree angle to ensure natural motion. The rope housing is driven by two sets of ball bearings in each handle—resulting in smooth, effortless mechanics.

Designed by: Deokhee Jeong and Jaeyoon Park of Tangram Factory

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The Access Strength™

Healthcare spending is unsustainable while the aging population, rise of chronic diseases, fragmented delivery and administrative inefficiencies led to $3 trillion spent in 2015 and projected to hit $5 trillion in 2020. Access Strength is a system that provides value to all three tiers of the healthcare system: payers, providers and patients/consumers. The digital health platform pairs HIPAA-compliant cloud software with inclusive fitness equipment to lower barriers in fitness/rehabilitation for consumers and optimize the delivery of care for providers. 

Designed by:  Priority Designs, Inc.; AWH and Ryan Eder, IDSA, of IncludeFitness

Contact: Ryan Eder, IDSA


Protect the athlete; elevate the game. ZERO1 is a safer and more functional football helmet that shows significant reduction in impact force on athletes. Industrial designers teamed up with engineers and neurosurgeons to reimagine the football helmet—aiming to improve player safety by preventing injuries, while increasing comfort and performance. ZERO1 inspires confidence, expresses strength and personality and stands out as unique and recognizable. The technology could expand to lacrosse, hockey and soccer, which ultimately could mean fewer sports-related head injuries.

Designed by: Artefact for VICIS

Contact: Emilia Palaveeva