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rotation180° Panorama Backpack

The problem with traditional backpacks is that they must be taken off the user’s back in order to access the contents. The solution—world-wide, patented, rotation180° technology, allowing the contents of the backpack to be accessed without taking it off, via an integrated, hidden, belt pack that can be rotated to the front of the body. The rotation180° Panorama backpack has a door flap on the side with a Fidlock magnetic buckle. When the Fidlock magnetic buckle is released, the belt pack can be rotated to the front of the body and opened immediately. The belt pack can be filled with frequently used items such as a camera, GPS devices, binoculars, phones, nature identification books, tablets, food, etc. The backpack has additional room for personal gear such as clothing and the ability to hold a hydration reservoir.

Designed by: Mike Sturm, Rawmin Ehyai and Doug Murdoch for MindShift Gear


Super 2R All Mountain Bike Helmet

The Bell Super 2R offers comprehensive and adaptable protection for the all-mountain bicycle rider through its game-changing removable chin bar; lower head coverage; and a performance-driven feature that allows the rider to tackle any terrain with confidence. With this advancement of the bicycle’s capabilities comes the need for equipment that can protect the rider for the trails they’re now able to ride. The Super 2R features a removable chin bar so that when a rider is climbing up the mountain, they’re able to have an open-face helmet for maximum cooling and ventilation. When the rider is ready to descend, they are able to mount the chin bar with three, easily attached buckles for the protection of a full-face helmet.

Designed by: Kyle Ellison and Eamon Briggs of Bell Helmets


Adidas Smart Ball

The Adidas Smart Ball is a training tool that gives feedback to soccer players on the measures of speed, spin and trajectory on a paired IOS device for fine tuning “dead ball” kicks.  Results are given on the players’ performance with guidance on ball contact, striking techniques, two player mode or pro challenges for replicating striking technique. The target users are 14 to 17-year-old players motivated to improve who want to demonstrate and fine tune skills in team training and additional sessions.

Designed by: Scott Tomlinson of Adidas


Nike Lebron 12

As one of the most dynamic and explosive players on the court, LeBron James has a rare skill set requiring footwear innovation tailored to his multi-dimensional game. The Nike Lebron 12 is designed to enhance explosiveness while combining three, key benefits: superior cushioning, harnessed support and natural flexibility for strength, speed and versatility.

Designed by: Nike Design



Born more than 30 years ago to provide protection and performance in all conditions, Nike ACG is reborn as NikeLab ACG to deliver sport utility for the city. Spanning outerwear, footwear and portable storage, the collection is designed to meet the demands for mobility and weather protection in any urban setting. Representing the future of sport style innovation, ACG marries pioneering materials such as Nike Tech Fleece, Nike Dri-FIT Wool and Nike Flyknit with the Berlin-based designer Errolson Hugh’s knowledge of fit, apparel construction and the functionality needed for everyday life. Hugh and Nike reassessed contemporary athletic needs by challenging convention. Through mutual learning, the team created elegant solutions for complex problems.

Designed by: Nike Design


Curator's Choice: Flip Reel by Squiddies

Taking inspiration from the simplicity and fun of the old Cuban Yo-Yo, the Flip Reel by Squiddies™ is a modern take on the ancient art of handline fishing. A handline gets up close and personal with the fish without the expense and struggle of a complicated kit. Simply flip open, attach your tackle and you’re ready to fish in seconds whether off a boat, jetty, kayak—or on foot. When you’re finished, wind the line, secure the hook in the safe storage point and flip closed. Flip Reel by Squiddies™ is safe, easy and fun for both kids and adults. It packs to half its size, making it perfect to stow in the car or boat and small enough to throw in the backpack for a hike. 

Designed by: Brandon Liew, Robert Tiller and Lisa Gyecsek of tillerdesign for Squiddies Pty. Ltd.


CLUG Bike Rack

The CLUG Bike Rack is an inconspicuous, easily mounted clip that turns any vertical surface into a home for your bike. CLUG fits perfectly into an environment that is short on space but high on design. Its size makes it virtually disappear once installed.  Simply lift the bike’s front wheel off the ground, and pop it into place. Gravity does the rest. CLUG doesn’t scratch your rims or force the bike to be lifted awkwardly off the ground. It is simple, stylish and just works—every time. It’s effortless.

Designed by: Hurdler Studios, Inc. and CLUG Brands Inc.



G-Wearables Goccia

G-Wearables Goccia is a wearable tracking device that measures a user’s daily activity and sleep quality. Goccia is small and waterproof, with an aluminum shell, tempered glass and a rechargeable lithium battery. LED light transfers the signal between Goccia and the user’s smartphone or tablet. This transfer consumes little power, extending the device’s battery life.

Designed by Lebo He and Hongwei Wang of LKK Design Beijing Co., Ltd.

Contact: Wei (David) Jia -


Slip In

Slip In is a single-fin surfboard that combines the best aspects of a classic single-fin board and that of a tri-fin shortboard with three smaller fins. The concave outline of the Slip In tail allows high-performance turns like a tri-fin as well as the speed and feel of a single-fin surfboard.

Designed by Thomas Meyerhoffer, IDSA of Meyerhoffer

Contact: Thomas Meyerhoffer -


Nike Free Hyperfeel

The Nike Free Hyperfeel moves intuitively with the foot, delivering a natural motion sensation for the athlete. The design mimics the workings of the human foot: Lunarlon foam replicates cushioned pads under the foot; the outsole protects like hardened skin on the sole; and dynamic Nike Flywire flexes and contracts, inspired by ligaments.

Designed by Matt Holmes, Eric Avar, Kevin Hoffer, Jeongwoo Lee, Bryant Klug, Fanny Ho, Isa Crumeyrolle, Courtney Clarke, Rob Dolan, Andrea Pastega Vloon and Peter Hudson of Nike Inc.

Contact: Howard Lichter -