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Smart Rope is a jump rope that displays fitness data in mid-air! See your jump count like a hologram and sync to the Smart Gym mobile app—tracking jump count, calories burned and workout times. It recommends training intervals and keeps you motivated by unlocking rewards and competing with your friends. The actual mechanics of the jump rope are redesigned, lacing the rope at an innovative 45 degree angle to ensure natural motion. The rope housing is driven by two sets of ball bearings in each handle—resulting in smooth, effortless mechanics.

Designed by: Deokhee Jeong and Jaeyoon Park of Tangram Factory

Contact: Deokhee Jeong

The Access Strength™

Healthcare spending is unsustainable while the aging population, rise of chronic diseases, fragmented delivery and administrative inefficiencies led to $3 trillion spent in 2015 and projected to hit $5 trillion in 2020. Access Strength is a system that provides value to all three tiers of the healthcare system: payers, providers and patients/consumers. The digital health platform pairs HIPAA-compliant cloud software with inclusive fitness equipment to lower barriers in fitness/rehabilitation for consumers and optimize the delivery of care for providers. 

Designed by:  Priority Designs, Inc.; AWH and Ryan Eder, IDSA, of IncludeFitness

Contact: Ryan Eder, IDSA


Protect the athlete; elevate the game. ZERO1 is a safer and more functional football helmet that shows significant reduction in impact force on athletes. Industrial designers teamed up with engineers and neurosurgeons to reimagine the football helmet—aiming to improve player safety by preventing injuries, while increasing comfort and performance. ZERO1 inspires confidence, expresses strength and personality and stands out as unique and recognizable. The technology could expand to lacrosse, hockey and soccer, which ultimately could mean fewer sports-related head injuries.

Designed by: Artefact for VICIS

Contact: Emilia Palaveeva

SpeedX Leopard Pro

SpeedX Leopard Pro is the first smart aero road bike—a competition level, high-performance bike with affordable, advanced technology. The bicycle frame uses only the finest carbon composites in the world. Together with FIBERTEK®, proprietary methods and technologies stack the T1000 military-grade carbon fiber with 207 folded layers, which ultimately leads to a phenomenally light, 1.2kg frame that’s 1.5 times stiffer. A smart bike fitting system helps customers measure the correct bike frame size. A mobile app allows the user to join or create a cycling club.

Designed by: Gang Li, Jiayang Gao, Yamou Wu, Zhen Sun and Jianliang Li of SpeedX Inc.

Contact: Sun Zhen

SHR Flex

SHR Flex is a frontal head restraint safety system for professional and recreational racecar competitors—protecting them from severe or fatal upper neck/basilar skull fracture injuries in high-impact crashes, while providing unprecedented comfort and mobility during normal driving.  It is a breakthrough, patent-pending design in an area of race safety that has not seen significant innovation in nearly 20 years. It is the only restraint system that is low-profile during normal driving, but then uses the kinematics of the impact to kick into a high position only when protection is needed.

Designed by: Creature Product Development; and Stefan Meier-Arndt, Tom Myers and Mark Stiles of SCHROTH Safety Products GmbH

Contact: Maureen Carroll, IDSA

3DRobotics Solo Drone

The 3DRobotics Solo Drone is designed to combine the power and capabilities of enthusiast/professional models with the simplicity and usability of entry-level drones.

Designed by: Norio Fujikawa, IDSA and Ed Mangum of Astro Studios

Contact: Clare Nauman

ZONE Mouthguard

ZONE is a disruptive, custom-fit, mouth guard with patented material technology for athletes of all ages and levels—without the so-called “boil and bite” process. By simply mixing the moldable materials together and biting down on the guard, anyone can produce an unobtrusive mouth guard that is ready in just minutes. This freedom from boiling enables athletes to make comfortable protective guards anywhere, anytime—reducing barriers and protecting more people from concussion and impact related injuries

Designed by: Designed by Kyle Buzzard, Scott Wilson, IDSA and Kevin Flatt of MINIMAL; and Dr. David Frey for MDM Oral Technologies

Contact: Gina Doctor


WARP is the world’s first, 3D, automated, machine knitted, fully integrated lacrosse pocket and head. Designed for men’s lacrosse, the WARP is the most advanced and most consistently performing lacrosse head ever produced.  A revolution for the game, WARP eliminates the human error, imperfection and inconsistency associated with hand stringing—rethinking a process that’s been done by hand for over 200 years.

Designed by: Kevin Vititoe, Sherry Jones and James Lua, IDSA of Priority Designs, Inc.;  Dale Kohler, Rick Janisse, Sean Slater and Tom Burns of Warrior; and Bruce Hoffa and Connie Hoffa of Fab Designs

Contact: Greta Bowman

Moto 360 Sport with Moto Body

Moto 360 Sport by Motorola is a smartwatch designed for sport, powered by Android Wear, and in step with you. Get everything you need for your run—without the need for your phone. Track your performance with built-in GPS and stay fit with an incredibly accurate heart rate monitor. After your workout, read your email, check the latest traffic and receive social media updates, all thanks to the power of Android Wear.

Designed by: Motorola Mobility Consumer Experience Design Team

Contact: Tricia Serpe

ALTR ERGO Sanctuary Saddle

The ALTR ERGO Sanctuary Saddle is the world’s most adaptive performance cycling saddle. It utilizes two distinct technologies: width adjustment that allows fine-tuning to fit a wide variety of cyclists' individual anatomies, and a proprietary padding system designed to filter harmful vibrations that cause pain and fatigue.

Designed by: Patrick Murphy, Connie Tran, Drew Brisley and Ty Hagler, A/IDSA of Trig; and Will Holt and Sam Harris of ALTR ERGO

Contact: Ty Hagler, A/IDSA