The Tempo home gym combines a 3D motion-capture system with access to real-time personalized weight training. It also includes competition-grade weights stored discreetly in a furniture-like unit that blends into the home environment. Tempo's fitness classes are coached by world-class trainers. Through the advanced AI, Tempo’s coaches are notified in real-time when you make a mistake, enabling them to provide precise guidance on when to straighten your back, pin your elbows, or sit deeper in your squat. The 3D sensing technology captures bodies of any size in any kind of clothing, pairing the data down to 25 essential joints and barbell/dumbbell movement. 

Designed by: Nichole Rouillac, IDSA, Jon Lau and Robin Hubbard of level design sf and Moawia Eldeeb and Joshua Augustin at Tempo

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