Mi Drone

Featured Finalist

Mi Drone is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) quad-copter for the hobbyist market. With high-energy density batteries, ARAD airfoil propellers and a lightweight body, Mi Drone features exceptional cruising duration of 27 minutes, and can fly as high as 500 meters and as far as 3000 meters to capture stabilized 4K or 1080P aerial footage. Connected to a mobile app, the product supports real-time image downlink, one-button auto take-off and landing, emergency return-to-home and automatic flying around points-of-interest and along preset paths. Mi Drone has foldable landing skids and easy, detachable gimbal camera structure for better portability. An integrated repeater and handset holder are designed inside the remote controller for functionality and ergonomics.Mi Drone is easy to pack and carry, so people can better enjoy the fun of video shooting from a bird’s eye view.

Designed by: Mi Industrial Design Team & FIMI Industrial Design Team of Xiaomi Inc.

Contact: liujianyu@xiaomi.com | www.mi.com