The EVO Urban Utility Bike

The EVO Urban Utility hybrid bicycle leverages a modular accessory platform for ultimate flexibility.  EVO blends the utility of a city bike with the robustness and geometry of a mountain bike to satisfy the city’s diverse lifestyle and terrain.  It presents a one-bike solution that can take on many different environments and activities. Innovative, quick-connect mounts on the front and rear enable users to rapidly attach or detach cargo accessories that are normally mounted permanently on a bike.  This plug-and-play system is designed to be flexible for a rider’s daily needs, ranging from the attachment of a child safety seat to different racks for carrying everything from groceries to surf boards. These EVO accessories quickly lock into the frame and easily removed when not in use.

Designed by: HUGE Design; FortyOneThirty Cycle Works; and PCH LIME LAB for Oregon Manifest: The Bike Design Project