The Amphibian™ Dynamic Scuba Fin

This design allows divers to walk and climb boat ladders without removing their fins. To switch the fins to a walking position, a diver uses the opposite heel to press and release the integrated latching mechanism on the toe. The patented Aqua-Hinge contains two custom stainless steel hinges that pivot the blade section of the fin to rest against a diver’s shin. Shoe-like tread on the sole gives traction on uneven and wet surfaces. A diver enters the water with the fins in the up position. Water resistance automatically latches the fins into a swimming position during the first few kicks. This results in a truly hands-free operation. Fins may now be the first thing divers put on and the last thing they take off, meaning safer, more enjoyable dives.

Contact: Casey Stahl: Credit: Designcraft, Inc. Client: Omega Aquatics