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Peloton Dumbbells

The Peloton Dumbbells are a system of weights from 5 to 30 pounds made using premium materials to create a uniquely sculpted form that is both aspirational and ergonomic.

Designed by: Jason Poure, Lee Hendrickson, James Connors, Heidi Farrel and Ben Schultz

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Phlex EDGE

The Phlex EDGE is a swimming tracker that uses machine-learning technology to enable swimmers of all levels to improve their workouts.

Designed by: Danielle Feldman, Ed Mitchell, Chris Phelan and Mark Clark from Bresslergroup for Phlex

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QFgift Smart Safe Helmet

The QFgift helmet forces users to wear the helmet for safety, and the pressure sensor detects accidents and notifies the police and insurance company for help.

Designed by: Qinglang Chen, Fengming Chen, Yujie Chen, Shaolong Chen and Fan Lin of inDare Design Strategy Limited for Shenzhen GFgift Digital Technology Ltd., Co.

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Trident Underwater Scooter

This battery-driven scooter cruises through water at speeds of up to 1.8 meters per second and dives up to 50 meters, letting people experience the water like never before.

Designed by: Jiaxing Qin, Jiaxin Liang, Hong Zhang and Binzheng of Innozen Product Design Co., Ltd. for Geneinno Ltd.

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ZETA is a kayaking helmet designed to seamlessly blend beauty, performance, simplicity and, of course, a little attitude. The designers were inspired by the style and swagger of sports athletes during the late 1960s, like Roberto Clemente and Muhammad Ali. Like them, ZETA was designed to be unique inside and out. The LRP™ (light reflection protection) minimizes glare, temple guards are die cast in aluminum for better protection, and advanced materials lend a more comfortable and less bulky fit, similar to a baseball cap. It may be the first helmet you don’t rush to take off.

Designed by: KEM STUDIO for Shred Ready

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Over the last 10 years Aaron Laurence, the inventor of the YBell, trained thousands of people on Australia’s famous Bondi Beach. He was using traditional training tools, dumbbells, kettlebells and medicine balls, to create his own brand of high-intensity resistance training. As his member numbers grew, it became impossible to keep incorporating multiple pieces of equipment into his sessions. The solution to the problem was the YBell, one piece of equipment that does everything he was already doing and more! He can now add more variety to sessions, and programming is much easier—all with the same piece of equipment regardless of the user’s ability level. The YBell makes transitions between exercises quicker, which streamlines sessions. Set up and pack up are so much faster now. Necessity is the mother of invention.

Designed by: Michael Hoppe of Hop Design and Aaron Laurence for YBell Fitness

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Garmin inReach Mini

Utilizing Iridium’s true global coverage satellite network, the Garmin inReach Mini features off-the-grid two-way messaging, GPS tracking/sharing, weather updates and life-saving 24/7 SOS access anywhere in the world, all packed into a device no bigger than the palm of your hand. Built for maximum portability and durability, the Mini gives outdoor professionals and enthusiasts alike the freedom to roam while staying connected with loved ones, ensuring their peace of mind. From backcountry pursuits, to international travel and search and rescue efforts, you can be certain that help is always within reach.

Designed by: Garmin Design, Larrin Wada, Michael Barczak, Derrick Lenz and Todd Register

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The Fliteboard eFoil is an electric-powered hydrofoil surfboard that gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. Fliteboard is emission-free and virtually silent. It can reach speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour with ride times of over 90 minutes on a single charge. As riders glide effortlessly above the water, they can control their speed with the waterproof handheld Flite Controller remote.

Designed by: Fliteboard Design Team, Katapult Design & Tekt Industries

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EasyRider Multisport Utility Trailer & HD Truck Rack Collection

The Yakima EasyRider is a lightweight multisport utility trailer that hauls cargo on two levels: boats and kayaks up top with gear underneath. It is equipped with the widest, burliest HD bars Yakima produces. The crossbars accept any bar-mounted product and are also T-slot compatible. Built-in shock absorbers smooth out the ride, and an integrated handle converts the trailer to a convenient handcart. Optional accessories are available as well: The SpareTire is a replacement tire, wheel and mounting hardware kit. The TentKit converts the trailer to a stable stand-alone tent platform.

Designed by: Yakima Products Inhouse Design

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Illusion Spinner

The Illusion Spinner is an unglazed bone china spinner. Engraved on the spinner is a floral spiral pattern that when spun captures your mind through the combination of the whispery sea-shell sound of the ocean and a mesmerizing optical illusion.

Designed by: Oscar de la Hera Gomez for the Museum of Modern Art