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NeuroTennis is a wearable tennis coach with built-in sensors that are capable of identifying patterns and movements during play. The device provides real-time audible coaching targeted to specific training goals.

Designed by: Bresslergroup

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Vibration Fascia Device (K-ONE)

This portable professional fascia gun can massage deep fascia, relax muscle groups, and prevent fascia adhesion and lactic acid accumulation. 

Designed by: Dashuai Hu of Dongguan Qinghuo Technology Co., Ltd. for Dongguan XiQin Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

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8BitDo SN30 Pro Bluetooth Controller for Android

The 8BitDo SN30 game controller integrates most of the classic elements of a controller, improving ergonomics to better serve the user’s habit of gameplay.

Designed by: Weiling Li, Huijiang Tan, and Chuankun Li of GWOWO Technology Co. Ltd.

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8BitDo Arcade Stick

When you switch between Switch and PC mode, the Arcade Stick’s dynamic button layout instantly changes its visual layout. It also features customizable button mapping and macros. 

Designed by: Weiling Li, Huijiang Tan, and Chuankun Li of GWOWO Technology Co. Ltd.

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The Awake RÄVIK S is the next-generation electric watersports vehicle designed and developed for extreme jet-powered surfing. Smaller than the Awake RÄVIK, its predecessor, the Awake RÄVIK S offers advanced riders a body shape and size with performance-specific material and volume distribution that deliver high jumps, deep carves, and dynamic agility. A wireless throttle, provided with a floating wrist strap, controls speed, while steering is traditionally controlled by balance. The deck pad is formed for effective traction where needed and wanted while leaving as much of the body as possible uncovered so riders can easily glide onto and off of the board.

Designed by: Brendon Vermillion, Philip Werner, and Jordan Spack of Ride Awake AB

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SPOT Gen4 Global Satellite GPS Messenger

The SPOT Gen4 provides a life-saving line of communication when you travel beyond the boundaries of reliable cellular service. The SOS feature is the most essential. If the unexpected should happen, it sends your GPS location to emergency responders with the push of a button. It also lets family, friends, and colleagues know you are safe and keeps them up to date on your adventure. You can send preset text messages and emails to a list of preloaded contacts. Lastly, its cloud-based location tracking makes it easy to maintain a log of your journey.

Designed by: HUGE Design LLC

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Powerbeats Pro

Designed for elite athletes, Powerbeats Pro is the fourth generation of Beats’ popular sports headphone product line. With true wireless architecture that incorporates the industry-leading Powerbeats functional ear-hook design approach, Powerbeats Pro provides stability and a secure fit for a wide variety of active use cases. These lightweight earphones deliver powerful balanced sound. They are built to provide the best possible fit for active users to take their workout to the next level. The redesigned acoustic package serves pure sound reproduction, enhanced clarity, and an improved dynamic range. Each earbud supports up to nine hours of listening time and more than 24 hours of combined playback with the charging case. 

Designed by:  Robert Boyd, Sean Steward Corbin, Duy P. Le, Guillaume Raoult, Christopher Kuh, and Robert Brunner of Ammunition for Beats by Dre

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Yakima Products CBX Solar Cargo Box

The CBX Solar rooftop cargo box blends clean lines and modern aesthetics with an integrated solar panel capable of delivering a 36W/5-volt output for when you’re adventuring off the grid. With two USB ports, it provides enough juice for a small campsite, won’t drain power from your vehicle, and can charge phones, tablets, camping lanterns, and action cameras. The cargo box also features an integrated easy-grab lid handle and a removable torque tool that stows on the side out of the way to free up all 16 cubic feet of available space for your gear. 

Designed by: Yakima Products Inhouse Design

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Fitbit Inspire 2

The natural evolution of the Fitbit Inspire 2 from the Inspire and Inspire HR was driven by advancing the technology, softening the form for greater comfort, and pairing the device with the Fitbit Premium software bundle. The Inspire 2 takes a sophisticated yet elegant approach through form, color, and proportion to create a jewelry-like feel in an often-overlooked product tier saturated by bright textured rubber bands. It is seen as a living skin that will evolve to be more intelligent and seamless. This means that the sensors will no longer be limited to the back of the product but will be the product itself.

Designed by: The Fitbit Industrial Design Team

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Bollé RYFT

The Bollé RYFT is a ski helmet designed and engineered to provide unsurpassed helmet temperature regulation for novice skiers, backcountry explorers, and Olympic athletes. The active panel ventilation (APV) is a new patent-pending technology that is part of the unique snow helmet ventilation system created exclusively for Bollé. APV allows for larger vent openings and increased airflow while still passing impact certification testing, allowing skiers to easily control their helmet temperature when hiking to the summit or slashing turns off-piste.

Designed by: Ben Pritz, IDSA, Bollé

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