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YBell Arc

The YBell Arc is a four-in-one multifunctional fitness device that combines the functionality of a kettlebell, dumbbell, double-grip medicine ball, and push-up stand in one unit. 

Designed by:  Michael Hoppe of Hop Design for YBell Fitness

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MXXY Hydration Backpack

MXXY is a hydration pack for sports use that lets you mix the exact ratio of water and hydration supplements when you need it. Peak athletic performance requires electrolytes, caffeine, amino acids, and more. Instead of carrying multiple beverages, MXXY provides a solution for customizable and efficient hydration. The internal balance control valve connects both reservoirs. This valve connects to a dial that is placed on the backpack strap for easy access. Just turn to adjust the water-to-supplement ratio. It offers five dilution settings to ensure the ideal mix of water and nutrition.

Designed by: Ariel Turgel, IDSA, Benjamin Martin, Mickey Makay, and Yale Shaw of Whipsaw Inc. for MXXY Outdoor

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Topgolf Next Generation Golf Ball Dispenser

The Topgolf Next Generation Golf Ball Dispenser marries form, function, and technology to enhance the Topgolf experience through state-of-the-art design and engineering. It uses an embedded large-screen display to immerse the player in the game experience. It provides a live visualization of Topgolf’s proprietary ball-tracing technology, Toptracer. Prior to this device, each time a ball was hit, players had to turn 180 degrees to view their Toptracer experience via a TV hung behind them. The new design combines the existing fun and function of Topgolf with a design that creates an engaging new golf experience.

Designed by: IN2 Innovation for Topgolf

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Tempo Move

Tempo Move is an in-home fitness device that uses spatial mapping and recognition through a user’s iPhone to capture form and detect weights based on color. It connects to any TV, displaying live feedback via trainer-guided workouts. Bent sheet metal unifies the design with Tempo’s existing aesthetic language, while textiles and natural materials bring tactility, warmth, and comfort. Removing the need for a display, its compact physical footprint and its price point make at-home health and wellness more accessible. It houses 16 weights, two dumbbells, four collars, and a heart-rate monitor. Weights stack vertically in chamfered grooves for easy handling.

Designed by: Nichole Rouillac, David Roseberry, and Jon Lau of level for Tempo

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Beats Fit Pro

The Beats Fit Pro earphones are engineered for an active lifestyle, providing sonic performance and a wingtip design. With its secure and comfortable fit, the Beats Fit Pro represents a breakthrough in all-day fitness earphones while delivering three listening modes, auto play/pause, sweat- and water-resistant earbuds, and all the magical features enabled by the Apple H1 chip. With spatial audio and dynamic head tracking, the Beats Fit Pro delivers an immersive listening experience at a price point that sets a new standard for premium earphones.

Designed by: Beats by Dre

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Milo - The Action Communicator

Milo is the walkie-talkie reimagined. It enables hands-free multi-way group voice conversations, allowing adventurers to communicate while on the trails, slopes, or water. Users simply clip on their Milo and go. When a user speaks, Milo picks up their voice and transmits it to others without needing to stop to push a button. Unlike turn-based push-to-talk radios, users can respond in real-time and talk over each other. Sophisticated audio processing algorithms are combined with six integrated digital microphones and a custom built-in speaker to deliver clear voice even in windy or noisy conditions.

Designed by: Loose Cannon Systems, Monokoto

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NeuroTennis is a wearable tennis coach with built-in sensors that are capable of identifying patterns and movements during play. The device provides real-time audible coaching targeted to specific training goals.

Designed by: Bresslergroup

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Vibration Fascia Device (K-ONE)

This portable professional fascia gun can massage deep fascia, relax muscle groups, and prevent fascia adhesion and lactic acid accumulation. 

Designed by: Dashuai Hu of Dongguan Qinghuo Technology Co., Ltd. for Dongguan XiQin Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd.

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8BitDo SN30 Pro Bluetooth Controller for Android

The 8BitDo SN30 game controller integrates most of the classic elements of a controller, improving ergonomics to better serve the user’s habit of gameplay.

Designed by: Weiling Li, Huijiang Tan, and Chuankun Li of GWOWO Technology Co. Ltd.

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8BitDo Arcade Stick

When you switch between Switch and PC mode, the Arcade Stick’s dynamic button layout instantly changes its visual layout. It also features customizable button mapping and macros. 

Designed by: Weiling Li, Huijiang Tan, and Chuankun Li of GWOWO Technology Co. Ltd.

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