Social Impact Design


AngelTalk is an augmentative and alternative communication application for children with Angelman syndrome and their caregivers. Most children with Angelman syndrome do not acquire functional speech because of genetic problems. AngelTalk helps children and caregivers communicate more easily and efficiently as a nonverbal communication tool.

Designed by: Jihyun Kim, Jeonga Choi, Heejoung Kim, Jeongeon Ju and Junhyoung Park of AngelTalk for Samsung SDS, CX Team

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UNICEF Kid Power

The UNICEF Kid Power Band is a durable child-friendly Wearable-for-Good®. UNICEF Kid Power gives kids the power to save lives. By getting active with the UNICEF Kid Power Band, kids go on missions to learn about new cultures and earn points. The points are converted into funding from partners, parents and fans. Funds are used by UNICEF to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to children in need around the world. Since the Kid Power program launched in 2014, participants have walked more than 7 million miles to feed 30,000 severely malnourished children.

Designed by: Ammunition for US Fund for UNICEF

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PlayPallets is an innovative shipping pallet that is also a self-contained play system. PlayPallets can be broken down easiliy and rebuilt into sturdy play equipment, but are the same size and can transport as much weight as standard pallets. For instance, our basketball model can be transformed into two complete basketball hoops in minutes. The goal is to let kids around the world have access to sports equipment, even if they are in refugee camps or disaster-stricken regions.

Designed by: Jon Robbins and Maddison Bradley for PlayPallets International, Inc.

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Dream Ring Concept

The Dream Ring concept is an inexpensive ecofriendly feminine hygiene product designed initially for use in developing countries where girls may give up going to school because they don't have access to cheap and sanitary menstruation pads. One pad can cost as much as a day's salary, forcing females to use newspaper, rags, fabric or even mud when menstruating. The silicone ring is reusable; the sugar cane vinyl cup is disposable, needing to be replaced on average only twice a day. 

Designed by: havas X IDEAfree


Suncubator Concept

Suncubator Concept is an easy-to-use, solar-powered thermal bed for babies, born out of the need for regulating infant temperatures in underdeveloped areas where day and night temperature differences are extreme—possibly causing hypothermia; weakening immune systems; and if severe, even resulting in death. 

Designed by: Joon Kwon, Jihye Hong, Insup Yun, Minha Kwon and Usuk Lee of Geometry Global Korea

Contact: Joon Kwon

Fighting Ebola and Beyond

Fighting Ebola and Beyond: CORE Cooling Packs for Healthcare Workers Concept would nearly double the amount of time that aid workers can spend in their multi-layered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when responding to global pandemics in high-heat climates that can cause stroke, dehydration and fatigue. By using supplies already available in aid worker tents, aid workers could activate a cooling agent in a rubber glove centered around the palm of the hand, to provide up to 50 percent more time for rescue assignments. This concept is the result of a challenge issued by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in the wake of the devastating Ebola outbreak.

Designed by: Kathleen Brandenburg, Dan Kraemer, Michael Paterson, I/IDSA and Jon Levine of IA Collaborative

Contact: Lila J. Trickle

Subway Map for the Color Blind

Subway Map for the Color Blind is designed for the three percent of the population that is color blind and has difficulty identifying information visually. Original straight lines are redesigned into curves to show direction; routes are outlined to reduce confusion; and transfer stations are labeled with numbers for faster and easier recognition. Local characteristics are added with symbols, and the routes are drawn to represent the actual route as much as possible. The new map results in 50 percent faster transition upon arriving at an unfamiliar station for the colorblind; and by 20 percent for those who have regular vision. 

Designed by: HyoJung Kim, HyunSoo Kim, Rae Na, Geon Yang and HeeJeong Son of NAVER

Contact: Annie S. Cha

OneWeb User Terminal and Solar Array

OneWeb is working to provide high-speed internet access to every corner of the globe, even in areas lacking electricity or communications infrastructure, via a constellation of low-earth-orbit satellites. The OneWeb solar-powered user terminals will be the local, land-based piece of OneWeb’s global connectivity solution. This concept combines satellite communications, Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, and a solar power source into a compact, self-contained solution.

Designed by: Matthew Bettman, Sherry Eckholm, Chris Harris, Vladlena Belozerova, Kenny Hsieh of Design Concepts, Inc. for OneWeb

Contact: William Dorr

One Foundation Disaster Relief Tent

Sichuan, Gansu and Yunnan are some of the most disaster-stricken provinces in China, most often hit by earthquakes. In the aftermath, survivors still affected by the tragedy live in tents for more than a year under harsh conditions. Ensuring dignity, safety, comfort and practicality within this temporary living space is crucial. One Foundation—the first, private, charitable fundraising organization in China—set up this project to design a disaster relief tent that provides a better living experience, while expressing the One Foundation brand identity. The outcome is China's first disaster relief tent—entirely designed from a user-centered perspective, benefiting all the major stakeholders involved in its lifecycle.

Designed by: Jamy Yang, Xiaojing Huang and Tanchun Wang of Yang Design for One Foundation


Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Shower

The Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy Shower is a walk-in, aging-in-place shower with novel hydrotherapy features that easily be installed easily in the standard 60” x 32” bathtub footprint found in many American homes. It provides consumers with a highly functional, safe showering space and fills a void in the marketplace for an affordable, elegant solution.

Designed by: Chris Murray, IDSA, Ed Mitchell and John Coleman of Bresslergroup; and Erica Moir of Jacuzzi