YONGSAN: In search of the hidden city


The Yongsan Cultural Center in Seoul, South Korea, organized the “In search of the hidden city” exhibition to portray the historyConsu of refugees during the Korean War. The exhibit was held both offline in a 3,500-square foot gallery space and online through a virtual 3D gallery space. The offline exhibit relays the history and culture, while the online exhibit shares the stories from people’s lives. The exhibition was built with two purposes: First, to prevent war through lessons from the Korean War and hope for peaceful reunification between North and South Korea. Second, to understand and appreciate the pain and history of people’s ancestors hidden in the city.

Designed by: Hae-Ji Kang, Yong-Seuk Lee, Ji-Su Choi, Chae-Jeong Lee, and Yoon-Jin Kim of ADHESIVE Corp. for YONGSAN Cultural Center

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