USee: Vision Screening and Prescription Glasses for All

An estimated 2.5 billion people have vision issues correctable with prescription eyeglasses. In developing regions, access to vision care is minimal with roughly one optometrist for every 1 million people. The USee Vision Kit system works through existing local organizations and infrastructure to meet this need. The USee is a portable self-refractive screening tool with variable curvature lenses. As the lenses move vertically in the frame, the prescription viewed through the slit changes. The user simply rotates the dials until they can see clearly. The dial tip aligns with a color-coded number that indicates which lenses to select from the kit. The lenses easily snap into the durable, lightweight frames. The process takes 15 minutes and delivers prescription glasses for less than $5 per pair. This simplicity enables larger-scale vision care by vastly expanding the number of individuals capable of identifying blurry vision and providing prescription eyeglasses.

Designed by: Brian Everett, John Church, and Jane Spikowski of PolyOne IQ Design for Global Vision 2020

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