T2B Trash Bin


Trash goes in a trash bin. Now—there’s a trash bin that’s made out of recycled trash. The T2B Trash Bin is made of 0.85kg of discarded papers. It is made with 100 percent recycled paper pulp, without any wood or glue material, so it is a cradle-to-cradle design. Each T2B Trash Bin will cost under $5 to produce. It meets the En 10789 safety standards and uses the same eco-additive that is used to produce NHS wash bowls. It is fully waterproof for at least six hours. T2B Trash Bin is made from a single mold and simply assembled with the snap button. It can be produced on a large scale using little energy, making it much cheaper and more environmentally friendly than any other trash bin on the market.

Designed by: Sangmin Bae and ID+IM Design Laboratory

Contact: smbae@kaist.ac.kr