STREET FURNITURE FOR THE CITY OF SÃO PAULO – Bus Shelters and Information Displays


The project has won one of the biggest international bids for city furniture in the world: 7,500 bus shelters, designed for the City of São Paulo, constituting one of the largest outdoor urban media circuits in the world. Considering the urban scale, diversity and contrasts, the complex DNA Paulistano (from São Paulo) and the city s different realities, four distinct typologies were conceptualized: Brutalist, Structured Chaos, Hi-Tech and Minimalistic. The language of each typology is complementary and reflects the diverse urban situations, characteristics and personalities of São Paulo. With the human being as its central element, the design was created to provide maximum well-being to the 9 million passengers who use the  public transport system on a daily basis. As a premises, it contains the principles of universal design and all of the general principles of sustainability.

Designed by Guto Indio Da Costa

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