Fighting Ebola and Beyond


Fighting Ebola and Beyond: CORE Cooling Packs for Healthcare Workers Concept would nearly double the amount of time that aid workers can spend in their multi-layered Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when responding to global pandemics in high-heat climates that can cause stroke, dehydration and fatigue. By using supplies already available in aid worker tents, aid workers could activate a cooling agent in a rubber glove centered around the palm of the hand, to provide up to 50 percent more time for rescue assignments. This concept is the result of a challenge issued by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in the wake of the devastating Ebola outbreak.

Designed by: Kathleen Brandenburg, Dan Kraemer, Michael Paterson, I/IDSA and Jon Levine of IA Collaborative

Contact: Lila J. Trickle