Digital Door Lock 510 Series


This product is a door lock device that is installed on the entrances to offices and homes, and a differentiated security product because the various forms of use and the various installation environments were considered. It offers safe and easy access with an assorted means of digital entry authorizations including the touch type password entry and RFID authentication through a credit card or mobile phone in addition to conventional keys. While away, users can remotely control entry access with their smart phones or PCs, and if necessary, users can view a visitor’s image and video, via interlocking outside cameras. The product can be installed on most doors with easy to find tools in most countries, and it is designed to be durable beyond the international security and safety specifications.

Designed by: Jaehoon Kim, Jeonghoon Ha, Sooyeon Chung and Hyewon Suh of Samsung SDS Co.,Ltd., Intelligent Home Design