Safe House


Safe House is a new, protective cabin that adopts the modular separated structure installed on a cruise ship. Cabin itself is not only the comfortable rest room while passengers are on the boat, but also the rescue capsule that could be separated with the hull at any time and have the function of escape. Once the shipwreck occurs and the hull tilts, the floating cabin can slide out from the track under the influence of gravity and convert into a rescue capsule, floating on the sea. It effectively could avoid the huge casualties caused by the hull sinking, allowing travelers to have time and space to wait for the rescue.

Designed by: Wang Cai, Jiahuan Liu, Jia Dong, Deyu Ma and Haimo Bao of School of Design, Dalian Minzu University; and Song Qiao and Jing Sun of Dalian HMO Technology Co., Ltd

Contact: Hao Yu