Time Empowerment Research


Client: Johnson Controls

The client, an automotive interior supplier, wanted to address the general issue of time compression and investigate how car interiors might respond to areas of unmet needs. The design team looked at how people spend their time—from the beginning to the end of each day, not just the time in their cars. The team developed the Modemapping research process to express, organize and examine ethnographic research by providing a systematic manner for categorizing data. The Science of Modes component enables the team to view each subject's state of mind, activity and priorities and to communicate this overlapping information in a clear, visual manner. This research led the team to identify three primary areas for concept development: mad rush, catch up and oasis, different use scenarios where devices, systems and environmental enhancements could help drivers be more productive, fulfilled and organized in their daily lives.

Contact: Thomas White
Stuart Karten Design
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Credit: Stuart Karten Design