Moen Revolution Showerhead


Desiring to enter the consumer showerhead market, Moen knew they needed a concept that set them apart significantly from existing offerings. In order to successfully meet this challenge, the designers developed a research process that would enable a creative team to gain a deep understanding of what people experienced in a shower, a process that would ultimately lead to the successful Revolution Showerhead.

This research enabled designers to have a deeper understanding of the many aspects of the showering experience, including extensive observations of people showering, the physiology of the showering experience, people's perceptions about showering and point of purchase decisions made about showerheads. Within eight weeks of its introduction at Lowe's, the Revolution Showerhead became the number one selling showerhead (despite it being the most expensive showerhead they sell), and sales volume continues to climb.

"This is a fine piece of research--thoughtfully designed, deeply instrumented, and genuinely interesting in asking and answering important questions. The team had to design much of its own research protocols and lab settings to get the answers they need-all because ethics preclude observing someone taking a shower. Among the discoveries: people don't need to use vast quantities of water to perceive that they are getting the greatest shower possible-this is the first shower head that can save water without sacrificing the experience. And it is especially gratifying to note the result: this is the highest priced showerhead at Lowe's now, but still their best seller. It is a solid example of what breakthrough design should do: create premium value for enterprises, while giving customers something they love and think is worth the money." -Larry Keeley, IDSA, President, Doblin, Inc.

Contact: Gabriele Bartell,
Design Continuum, USA,

Credit: Design Continuum; Moen Inc.; H.I. Thomas Consulting Group; QualiData Research