Li-Ning - Rediscovering Sports in Modern China


In the process of designing youth-oriented footwear and apparel, Li-Ning found that not only was it failing to offer a product and retail experience that resonates with Chinese youth, but so was the competition. This presented Li-Ning with a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of China’s emerging youth market. The subsequent research effort created the foundation for all later design work on Li-Ning’s product strategy, brand identity and retail design.

"Conducted in 10 Chinese cities over 5 months, this project was astonishing in its scope, depth of research and impact. The body of work done here has led to the complete redesign of a famous Chinese brand, and it has added fresh insights to the somewhat poorly understood area of modern Chinese youth identity and the vast emerging youth market.
What I like most about this project was that it wasn’t meant to exist – the client simply wanted footwear and apparel designs, but the designers were able to show the need for - and value of – conducting design research as part of an integrated approach.
The design industry often talks about an ‘integrated consumer experience’. This team really pulled it off, creating a foundation that informed a vast array of touchpoints, from clothing to retail stores to brand identity." – Anton Andrews, Director Strategic Experiences, IEB Design, Interactive Entertainment Business, Microsoft

Credits: Ziba Design and Li-Ning (China)

Contact: Julia Carpenter: