Cockpit, Cabin and Option Packages Research for the Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet


Despite being a start-up, Eclipse Aviation has quickly positioned itself as a technology leader with its vision for a high-performance very light jet. As the first jet was being built, a design team was brought in to collaborate on the interior. In addition to field work, the team generated system rationales that explained the design of each component. As the design of the interior evolved, the system rationales provided a critical reference for understanding how any changes might impact other systems, such as how moving a control half an inch would eliminate storage space for a fire extinguisher. This process helped Eclipse Aviation crystallize a common vision of how the aircraft interior should be resolved, including instrument configuration in the cockpit, lighting, storage and optional packages.

“The Eclipse cockpit provides precisely the assurance passengers pray for when they put their lives in the hands of a pilot: that the chance of an accident or “pilot error”' has been engineered away. Passengers should appreciate that these designers included variables and role playing simulations into the design process, recognizing that even highly trained pilots are people and susceptible to error.”

Michael Schrage, Research Associate, MIT Media Lab

Contact: Whitney Mortimer

Credit: IDEO and Eclipse Aviation

Client: Eclipse Aviation Corporation