Reimagining the Mattress for Tempur-Pedic


For decades, Tempur-Pedic has been revered for the revolutionary NASA-proven Tempur material inside its mattresses. Now it’s crafted a modern-aesthetic mattress using human-centered design by transforming the exterior of the mattress to match the caliber of the innovation inside. The project resulted in a new sleep system, incorporating a new line of mattresses and easy-to-remove, washable, fabric mattress covers. Tempur-Pedic redesigned the zipper location by intuitively placing it at the front-right corner of the mattress covers—instead of underneath—allowing retailers to easily demo the product in store, and providing users with an easier experience removing and washing the covers at home. The product is more user-friendly as Tempur-Pedic  created a design language around color, pattern, shape and materiality to best highlight the mattress’s high-performance features.

Designed by: Tempur-Pedic; IDEO; Figure 8; and Global Textile Alliance for Tempur-Pedic