Personal Accessories

Evercare fur erase

OneCARE's new Evercare fur erase lint rollers combine the cleaning power of Evercare’s lint removal tape with rubber agitating surfaces. Rubber bristles and blades lift tightly entwined pet hairs and fibers up to the surface, allowing the lint tape to work more efficiently. The hinge flange holds the tape roll in place, adds structural integrity and allows quick removal and replacement of the roll.

Credits: SmartShape Design, Erin Riddell, Scott Mizer, Brian Milliff, Mike Maczuzak, oneCARE and Mark Butts
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Capsule Urn Design Language - A range of modern cremation urns and keepsakes

The Capsule Urn line is a family of contemporary cremation urns and keepsakes designed and crafted in America. Capsule Urn offers memorials with unique personalization options, including premium finishes, exotic materials, special color combinations and laser engraving.

Credits: Capsule Urn LLC., Joyce Chua and Steve Prastka: IDSA
Contact: Steve Prastka:


Free Form Green Eyewear

The Free Form Green Eyewear collection successfully implements its ecologically friendly philosophy. The collection passes all savings, which are achieved through its ingenious design and technology, directly to the consumers. It is priced relatively lower than other designer brands. In turn, the company encourages consumers to contribute to local green causes.

Designed by Thomas Trauth and Thomas Trauth Design GmbH for Acuity Optical USA Inc.

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TAKTIK® Series: Premium Protection System For iPhone

The TAKTIK Series: Premium Protection System For iPhone is a collection of ultra-rugged protective cases designed for the iPhone. The TAKTIK EXTREME provides protection from impact, scratches, water and dust. It also features a Corning® Gorilla® Glass lens. TAKTIK STRIKE is designed to protect from the most severe impacts and drops. They both feature 9-millimeter impact trusses and sealed audio and charging ports.

Designed by Scott Wilson, Matt Puhalla, Michael Seum and Scott Schenone of MINIMAL

Contact: Gina Doctor -


Manfrotto Backpack 50

The Manfrotto Backpack 50 is a large professional backpack that can store, carry and protect a large amount of photographic gear. Its 3D foam and spatial padding enable it to withstand impact from all sides without harming the gear within. It features a user-friendly design and a front flap for quick access.

Designed by Manfrotto Bags R&D team of Manfrotto Bags Ltd.

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Forefront Bicycle Helmet

The Forefront Bicycle Helmet is a comfortable full-coverage helmet ideal for mountain bike riding or racing. This low-profile helmet provides ventilated protection that fully integrates with your sunglasses, goggles, light or point-of-view camera. Its design increases airflow, improves temperature regulation resulting in fog-free vision, and offers greater impact resistance for a safer ride.

Designed by Drew Chilson, Mike Aaskov and Graham Sours of Smith Optics; and Piers Storey and James Rogers of Koroyd

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The Armour Bra by Under Armour

The Armour Bra by Under Armour is a sports bra that embraces the differences in women’s bodies so the customer can easily find the bra that is designed to fit her best. The Armour Bra’s innovative sizing uses ribcage and cup size, rather than simply offering the traditional small, medium and large sizing. It is both fierce and feminine, reflecting the characteristics of Under Armour’s female athletes.

Vertigo™ Hybrid Guitar Case


The Vertigo Hybrid Guitar Case is the world's first top-loading guitar case. Using a hybrid design of both luggage and footwear manufacturing processes, the Vertigo enables fast access to the guitar from a standing position. More than just an ergonomic innovation, it also features the Headlock: an automatic neck suspension system that protects the guitar during impact.

Bespoke Fairing

The Bespoke Fairing is a mass customized set of parts that restores symmetry and natural contours to an amputee’s body. The process starts with a 3D scan of the surviving leg. With input from the amputee, the parts are customized with various color, material and finish options. Once applied to existing prosthetic limbs, the Bespoke Fairings communicate the users’ sense of style and taste, allowing them to connect with the artificial limb in a personal and emotional way.

“Stunningly beautiful!  This is pure fashion that goes well beyond vanity to be the noblest self-expression for the amputee, evoking only admiration—no pity.” -Davin Stowell, IDSA, IDEA Jury Chair, Founder and CEO Smart Design