Personal Accessories

Simple Shoes Toddler's Doodle

The Toddler’s Doodle is a line of washable suede shoes from an eco-certified tannery. The soft linings are made of certified organic cotton, the soles are made of natural and recycled non-marking rubber, and water-based, rather than petroleum-based, glue is used to hold the shoe together. The foot form inserts and the shoebox are made of post-consumer recycled paper. Each size has a different animal on the box.

Credits: Carl Jonsson and Jason Martin of NEW and Cielo Rios of Deckers Outdoor/Simple Shoes for Simple Shoes

Contact: Jason Martin:

Modular Helmet EBF E8

The EBF E8 helmet features a shell, face shield and chin bar so the user can wear it closed, with the face shield open or with the chin bar open, as in an open-face helmet. When opened, the chin bar doesn’t block the rider’s view, and when closed it perfectly integrates into the overall shape of the helmet. Front and superior vents allow air to circulate inside the helmet and prevent condensation from accumulating on the visor.

Credits: Questto Design for EBF Capacetes (Brasil)

Contact: Levi Girardi:

Backpacks P300 Redley Packs

The P300 is a customizable backpack designed with simplicity and maturity—and a dose of sport, as well. Consumers can change out the front of the pack with one of three options, all included, depending on their need at the moment. Its removable laptop case let’s people tote their technology with them, and the attached flashlight illuminates even the darkest recesses in the pack.

Credits: Daniel Olej of Redley (Brasil)

Contact: Daniel Olej:

Graco® Symbio & Teutonia® T-Linx modular stroller system

The Symbio & Teutonia T-Linx stroller offers an affordable and flexible solution that promotes closeness. This is achieved through increased parent/child proximity to foster sharing and visual connection. Additionally, the stroller features a lightweight aluminum frame, smooth wheels and a custom attachment hub that allows different modular components to click into place.

Credits: Tom Perrin, IDSA, Sharon Griffiths, Todd Sorzano, Dan Newhart and Patrick Laffan of Graco Children's Products Inc., Newell Rubbermaid Inc. and Designaffairs GmbH

Contact: Kelly Voelker:

TikTok + LunaTik Multi-Touch Watch Kits

TikTok + LunaTik transform the iPod Nano into multitouch watches. TikTok is a simple snap-in design that allows the user to quickly and securely snap the iPod Nano in and out of the wrist dock. It was designed for those who want to easily transition from clip mode or watch mode. The LunaTik is a more permanent conversion kit for those wanting to transform their Nano into a bold technology statement.

Credits: Scott Wilson, IDSA of MINIMAL

Contact: Gina Doctor:


The Modern Glass Water Bottle is a stylish, reusable eco-friendly water bottle made especially to help urban dwellers retain the freshness and purity of their water while they are at work, at the gym, in transit or anywhere else where they don’t have reliable access to clean water. The bottle is a healthier alternative for portable hydration and is free from any toxic chemicals or metallic/plastic flavors.

Credits: Ciro Design and Takeya Design Team

Contact: Sumi Israchanpanich:


BoostApak is a booster seat that doubles as a fully integrated backpack, making use of the wasted space inside booster seats. It is ideal for holidays, car pooling and even the airplane. BoostApak eliminates the hassles of lugging a booster seat with you everywhere; when not in use it can be filled with all your travel essentials and simply carried as hand luggage.

Credits: Rob Law of Magmatic ltd. and Derrick Barker of JMDA (United Kingdom)

Contact: Penny Amey:

Chilote House Shoes

The Chilote House Shoe’s highly innovative low-tech manufacturing methodology and aesthetics speak directly to the conscious consumers’ sensibilities that expect highly responsible and ethical production models to manifested noble, useful and beautiful products. It uses free-range Patagonian sheep wool and repurposed and up-cycled salmon leather combined with guided craftsmanship to appeal to the growing eco-premium market.

Credits: Stiven Kerestegian (Chile)

Contact: Stiven Kerestegian:

Petrol Bags™ Cambio Camera Carrier & Support System

The Petrol Cambio convertible equipment bag is an all-in-one camera support system and carry-on bag. This well-sized smooth-rolling camera carrier transforms into a lightweight support system for both the home-user and the professional videographer, making it possible to travel lighter, avoid waiting for baggage and set up more quickly upon arrival on location.

Credits: Peter Clarke, IDSA, Javier Verdura, IDSA, Kevin Clay and Troy Starkey of Product Ventures for Petrol Bags

Contact: Matthew Barbour:


On the outside the Revolver-8PL camera bag looks like an ordinary backpack; on the inside it is pure ingenuity. The DSLR sits snugly in the top compartment, while the main front compartment packs five different backup lenses in a revolving setup that provides access to the desired lens without having to put the bag down and without exposing the rest of the lenses.

Credits: Manfrotto Bags ltd. and Alona Komsky
Contact: Alex Ritvin: