Personal Accessories


Proximo™ is a customizable and smart wireless tracking system designed to help people safeguard important items, such as keys, phones, cameras, laptops and handbags. It comprises an iPhone Proximo App, Proximo Fob and up to nine Proximo Tags. It uses wireless Bluetooth tracking that notifies users by way of the app or fob when the proximity range has been exceeded. 

Designed by Megan Paskin, Gerald Gutierrez and Adam Weaver, IDSA of Kensington

Contact: Erik Campbell -


Wiegen Stroller

Wiegen puts a first-time parent’s attention where it should be: on the child. Parents are able to safely and stylishly interact face-to-face with their children as they take them out into the world. The stroller can be easily adjusted as the child grows and wants to sit upright. It is also easy to collapse and store.

Credits: Dan Clements, IDSA of Worrell Inc.
Contact: Dan Clements:


Interactive Shoes

The Interactive Footwear Project comprises low heel ladies’ leather shoes in two different models: a casual model with a wide toe and a classic model with a narrow toe. Also included is a set of accessories that allows consumers to customize their shoes and combine different pairs. The main challenges posed by the project were to meet the different measurement and taste requirements as well as to satisfy the ongoing quest for renewal of the models and accessories. Another challenge? The use of Brazilian handicraft materials on industrial scale.

Credits: Priscila Callegari Leme Duarte of Ciao Mao
Contact: Guilherme Duarte:


Vapor 300 running watch

The Vapor 300 is a running watch designed for core and competitive runners, who require a watch that can record splits, laps and intervals. These runners train four to six times a week, often run in locally organized groups and usually have a leader or a coach. They follow national and global runners for guidance and advice and are involved in competitions and events. The Vapor 300 tracks and stores data about their runs, helping them train more accurately and efficiently. It also has sufficient memory to store their data for future reference.

Credits: Max Burton, IDSA of Nike Timing, Anthony Baxter and Alberto Mantilla of Curve ID
Contact: Maximillian Burton, IDSA:


SENZ XL storm umbrella

The SENZ XL storm umbrella is the first aerodynamic golf umbrella. Due to its asymmetric design, the SENZ XL storm umbrella automatically finds the best position in the wind, making it comfortable and easy to use, even in strong gusts. The patented construction makes the umbrella windproof up to 70 MPH. Additionally, the umbrella will not invert. The specially shaped ‘eye savers’ provides protection to dangerous tips and the aerodynamic shape of the umbrella gives the user an excellent view. The opening mechanism has been integrated into the handle, while the smooth oval shaft matches seamlessly with the umbrella´s aerodynamic design.

Credits: Design Team of SENZ Umbrellas BV
Contact: Philip Hess:


NYC Helmet

Commissioned by the city of New York, the NYC Bike Helmet is designed with every rider, every season and a greener environment in mind. The modular system has a protective polystyrene inner shell and a soft fabric outer cover with integrated straps. Each owner can customize and personalize the outer cover, which easily separates from the protective shell for better storage and cleaning.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: Credit: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Matt Swinton, IDSA and Giuseppe Della Salle of fuseproject Client:

ASTRO Gaming Transport Series

These bags were designed for the professional gaming tournament schedule. The Mission Bag can hold a game console, power supply and gaming controllers and has extra room for other items. The Roadie is a dual guitar controller case that transports two guitar controllers and a slim Playstation 2 console.

Contact: Brett Lovelady, IDSA: Credit: Adam Barry, Michel Alvarez, Isabell Gatzen, Jordan Nollman, IDSA of ASTRO Studios, Inc. Client:

920 Amphibious Shoe

The 920 is an amphibious shoe with a unique liquid and debris drainage system. Simple holes in the side of the shoe do not allow additional material to enter into the shoe, yet still allow easy exit of both water and debris. Stubborn debris is easily cleared via a “flushing” action created when submerging the footwear even without removal of the foot. The design is intended for the outdoor enthusiast involved in a range of activities, including wet-condition running, adventure racing, canyoneering, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, sailing, fishing or just enjoying a day near the water.

Contact: Kristen Sullivan: Credit: Outdoor Design Team of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. Client: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

PACT Underwear

PACT, a new and innovative online underwear brand, blends design and sustainability with support for powerful social/environmental causes. The core of PACT is deep partnerships with nonprofits: each underwear collection is aligned with a nonprofit and each pair bought donates 10 percent back to the specific nonprofit.  We designed the entire ecosystem; from the bright green compostable shipping pack, to unfolding the underwear from its fabric bag, to info on the cause you are supporting by simply wearing the underwear. All are designed under the brand tenant of affecting positive change in day-to-day tasks, consciously making a difference.

"Pact is a positive lifestyle refresh to basic underwear. An excellent example where eco-design delights and provides more as opposed to many examples of compromised eco-products.  A delightful story and design, designed for sustainability AND social responsibility, without the typical compromises."  --Maaike Evers, Mike and Maaike

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

Ecodesign Credit: Yves Behar, IDSA, Josh Morenstein, Nick Cronan, Sara Butorac and Angie Tadeo of fuseproject for PACT


The MYKITA DECADES eyewear collection quotes iconic styles from the 20th century, a huge pool of inspiration for shapes and styles. The lightweight and innovative stainless steel frames come with a patented screwless hinge.  BROOKE is feminine rather than masculine and cites a typical 60s acetate shape, translated into MYKITA's ultra-light concept.

Contact: Alexander Dietz:

Credit: Philipp Haffmans, Harald Gottschling, Moritz Krueger and Daniel Haffmans of MYKITA GmbH (Germany)