Featured Finalist

Shedrain VortexVent is a new generation of umbrella, designed to withstand the strongest winds while remaining streamlined, lightweight and easy to use. Umbrellas are perceived as objects with a short life-cycle—easily replaced and rarely repaired. Haythornthwaite Design developed and tested innovative advancements in frame and canopy design, resulting in the VortexVent—an umbrella to outlast the storm. An innovative, anti-inversion strut system mechanically strengthens the ribs of the frame, limiting flex and ultimately preventing the canopy from inverting in high winds. The unique contours of the AIS slide together with precision allowing for a compact and streamlined, collapsed profile. Energy absorbing shocks increase resilience and life expectancy by safely dissipating wind forces. Pressure release venting in the base layer quickly frees buildup of wind pressure through a full 360°, while a taut outer layer covers the vents and maintains a watertight interior. 

Designed by: David Haythornthwaite, Andrew Haythornthwaite, Simon Haythornthwaite, Robert John Morrison of haythornthwaite design

Contact: david@haythornthwaitedesign.com | www.haythornthwaitedesign.com