Pebble Time Smartwatch


Pebble Time is the people’s smartwatch. It combines innovative hardware and software carefully considered to blend seamlessly. Pebble Time is curved comfortably to fit your wrist; water resistant to 3ATM (30 meters); and features simple and intuitive button and voice interactions. With a reflective, color, E-paper display, Pebble Time creates a unique smartwatch experience—the screen is always on, unobtrusive and tells time with an unparalleled, seven to ten days of battery life. Pebble’s cross platform operating system and practical—yet playful—interface delivers important information in the context of time, keeping the wearer connected to what matters. Pebble Time comes in two variations, Time and Time steel. With a standard, 22mm band and quick release connection pins, Time allows for endless customization and personal style. Time also introduces a new hardware platform with its open smart connector. Straps and accessories connect with data and power directly to Time, allowing developers and enthusiasts to expand its capabilities.  For example, NFC, GPS, heart rate monitors and other sensors can interface with this connector.

Designed by: Mark Solomon, IDSA, Chris Ioffreda, Troy Tye, Steve Johns and Eric Migicovsky of Pebble Technology