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Shedrain VortexVent is a new generation of umbrella, designed to withstand the strongest winds while remaining streamlined, lightweight and easy to use. Umbrellas are perceived as objects with a short life-cycle—easily replaced and rarely repaired. Haythornthwaite Design developed and tested innovative advancements in frame and canopy design, resulting in the VortexVent—an umbrella to outlast the storm. An innovative, anti-inversion strut system mechanically strengthens the ribs of the frame, limiting flex and ultimately preventing the canopy from inverting in high winds. The unique contours of the AIS slide together with precision allowing for a compact and streamlined, collapsed profile. Energy absorbing shocks increase resilience and life expectancy by safely dissipating wind forces. Pressure release venting in the base layer quickly frees buildup of wind pressure through a full 360°, while a taut outer layer covers the vents and maintains a watertight interior. 

Designed by: David Haythornthwaite, Andrew Haythornthwaite, Simon Haythornthwaite, Robert John Morrison of haythornthwaite design

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Safe Heel Shoehorn

Safe Heel Shoehorn concept is a design for the heel of your shoes. Generally, people do not want to bend over when they put their shoes on. So they mainly use shorhorns.  Safe Heel Shoehorn would make it unnecessary to bend over in an uneasy posture, or to crumple the heel of your shoes. This clip helps your feet naturally go into the shoes. In addition, it would save money, by lengthening the use of the current shoe.

Designed by: Him Chan Jang of Jeonju University


AirPop+ Smart Air Pollution Mask

AirPop+ is the world's first smart air pollution mask. It was created to protect the more than 2 billion people living among the pervasive airborne pollution in Asia. The advanced filtration layer blocks the most dangerous class of particles smaller than 2.5µm in diameter. Consumer air purifiers have seen a recent increase in innovative design and engineering to improve efficacy, but the same level of innovation hasn't made it to wearables for air pollution. AirPop+ was born to reinvent and reimagine a more functional, comfortable and stylish mask experience.

Designed by: Chris Hosmer, IDSA, Travis Vogel and Alex Xu of Aetheris

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Vigo Smart Headset

Vigo is a Bluetooth headset that monitors driver alertness at the wheel, by tracking eye and head motion. When Vigo senses that the driver is drowsy, it can use a combination of audio alerts and vibrations to stimulate the driver and keep them safe at the wheel. Both individual drivers and professional drivers can use Vigo to stay safe at the wheel. For fleets, a real-time dashboard allows fleet managers to track this information and rearrange shifts and work schedules, to reduce the chances of a drowsiness-related accident.

Designed by: Y Studios and Vigo Technologies

Contact: Wai-Loong Lim

Pawscout Smart Pet Tag

It’s estimated that a pet goes missing every seven seconds. Now, Pawscout provides peace of mind for pet owners. It attaches to a pet’s collar. Using community-based pet finding via Bluetooth®, it enables a worldwide tracking network that automatically notifies owners when a lost dog or cat comes within 200 feet of anyone who has the Pawscout app. Pawscout acts as the key to an ecosystem of Internet of Things (IoT) pet products. It also acts as a traditional pet ID tag, with each nameplate custom-lasered with the pet's name, address and phone number to replace conventional tags.

Designed by: Jordan Nollman, IDSA, Matt Bettencourt, Ben Lenart and Sean Nelson of Sprout Studios for Pawscout

Contact: Jordan Nollman, IDSA

KI ecobe

KI Ecobe shoes are eco-friendly and customizable to style, season and environment. The shoes can be remodeled for each season based on personal preferences. Its upper layers and sole can be separated and replaced individually based on materials and colors. The sole can be recycled. These sustainable shoes prevent waste while adapting to the user’s needs.

Designed by: Kim Gyu Deog, Lee Hyun Ho, Park Sung, Eun Lee, Lee Sang Woo and Lee Jung Hi of INNUS Korea Co., Ltd.



OneBlade is a new, single-blade shaving experience. It is a refined geometry, made of the highest quality materials through a manufacturing process that has never been used for this type of product. The design by Pensa offers a complete and elegantly refined experience that is built first on the quality of the shave. It also optimizes ease of use, safety and comfort. 

Designed by: Mark Prommel, IDSA, Marco Perry, IDSA, Kevin O’Leary, Thomas Mattimore and Avi Bajpai of Pensa; and Tod Barrett of OneBlade

Contact: Maja Hamberg

WATCH 3701

The strap of FROMHENCE Watch 3701 has two functions maximizing its usability. A buckle pin makes for easy changes. A square frame sets the remaining part of the band neatly. If the width of the band is matched, it is available to use for the other watches. It’s made of long lasting rustless stainless steel. The watch strap has two functions maximizing the usability of the watch strap.

Designed by: Kyu-Hyun Lee and Hae-Won Jo of FROMHENCE Co., Ltd.

Contact: Kyu-Hyun, Lee

Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round is Pebble's second generation watch, but its first attempt at building a round watch for smaller wrists and in particular, women. Round takes a simple, straight forward approach to the smartwatch. The "always on" display works indoors and outdoors. Best-in-class battery life and high waterproofing make it wearable for everyday use. 

Designed by: Pebble Industrial Design Team

Contact: Mark Solomon

Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7000

The mess caused by facial hair trimming is a consistent pain point worldwide. Mess in the bathroom and in the trimmer itself results in added time and stress. Now,  the innovative Vacuum Beard Trimmer 7000 by Philips delivers superior performance with the most powerful suction power ever to capture excess hair.  No mess, guaranteed.

Designed by: Philips Design

Contact: Inge Wagemakers