Brisk x Marvel Studios: Wakanda Forever Special Edition Package

To celebrate the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, PepsiCo launched a limited-edition package that combined ultra-premium technologies with a unique product design. Among the features was a 3D-printed attachment to the aluminum can inspired by Black Panther’s iconic mask. This application for 3D printing was a unique use of new technology in the beverage category.

Designed by: PepsiCo Design & Innovation


Easy Check Medication Packaging System

The Easy Check Medication Packaging System was developed to prevent erroneous drug dispensing that occurs because of similar product names, wrong quantities, and confusion about container and label design. The classification in colors and codes makes it easy to find drugs, thus increasing the pharmacist’s work efficiency and preventing faulty dispensing of drugs. The top colors for anatomical categorization and the two-stage colors representing therapeutic grouping ensure easy drug identification.

Designed by: Lee Sangmin, Kang Taewook, Heo Garam, Shin Bomi and Kim Minki of Kwang Dong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Design Innovation Center



Cloudy Tea

Grown at 1,700 meters above sea level in the pristine deep forest of Yunnan province, Cloudy Tea is prized for its rich and special aftertaste. A long history, customs and economic activity revolve around this beloved beverage. The cultural significance of Cloudy Tea is reflected in its packaging design. The illustrations of poetic landscapes printed on the packaging are hidden inside the scroll. The paper strings holding the packaging together add a sense of human touch to the design.

Designed by: Shaobin Lin and Xianqi Cai of Lin Shaobin Design for Runyuanchang


Premium TV Packaging Design for LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W(W7)

This a premium TV packaging that delivers innovative concepts and value for LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W (W7). It is completely departs from the standard way of emphasizing a product’s strong points and new technologies. This packaging design is based on a totally new concept to artistically express the value of the product. This TV packaging efficiently adds installation guides, panel protection pads, foldable accessory boxes and other components by closely coordinating with production experts, thus maximizing customer satisfaction and portraying a luxurious image.

Designed by: Youngmi Yoon, Younok Joo, Ahran Nam and Ewisung Choe of LG Electronics Inc.



JIAN ZI LE is a paper packaging box. Customers want to see unique packaging in many brands. The packaging design for JIAN ZI LE consumers learn more about the culture and history of natural health drinks. The appearance of the product is unique. It conveys the quality and concept of the natural fermented products and reflects its natural product positioning. The packaging design consists of hollow corrugated paper and leather tag technology formed with honeycomb core and craft paper.

Designed by: Tong Yanan and Yu Guang of KUMU