Samsung Upcycling Solution for TV Packaging

The Samsung Upcycling Solution is an innovative new way to package and ship TVs, beginning with Samsung's Lifstyle TVs. With a dot matrix design on all sides of the corrugated cardboard box, the Upcycling Solution is an environmentally-friendly, all-in-one toolkit for reuse packaging material that might otherwise be thrown away.
It begins when you scan the QR code on the side of the box to launch a microsite containing instructions for building your household item. The options range from a small table, to a magazine rack, to a house for your pet. Simply connect the dots with a pencil and cut out the design you traced. Then it’s time to start building. In just few minutes, you’ll have a truly unique item to complement your home décor. All components of the packaging are retained in the construction process, so the solution represents the perfect combination of sustainability and creative upcycling.
Designed by: Soohyun Whang, Daehee Yoon and Sungdo Son of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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