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30th Bienal de São Paulo - Visual Identity, Publications and Visual Communication

A complex project that systemizes a universe of constellatory elements through a streamlined set of visual tools (constellatory symbol and diagram and typeface) determined at a workshop held with Brazilian and foreign designers, the curatorial and educational teams and 12 students and professionals chosen through the appraisal of proposals and portfolios. 30 different posters, one by each of the workshop participants, translate the same set of system rules. A catalogue with 60 jackets derived from these posters was created using constellatory images commissioned from the artists. The teacher and educator primers contained special artist and concept fact sheets that could be arranged in various different constellations on a Tyvek® support, fundamental to creating classroom dynamics. There was also an exhibition guide, complete exhibition signage and a website.

Designed by Andre Stolarski

Contact: Andre Stolarski -


Samsung OLED TV Logo

The Samsung OLED TV Logo was designed to communicate a sense of life and vitality, which reflect the characteristics of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED): the new frontier of smart TVs. For many years TV has been dumb. Unlike phones, which have become highly intelligent, TVs have not evolved to the same degree. Samsung’s new OLED TV is so smart that it understands its users. It recognizes people’s voices and senses their gestures, making changing the channel and accessing other functions natural and intuitive. It also learns what users like to watch and makes personalized recommendations, helping people discover new shows.

The Samsung OLED TV Logo features a transparent and flexible form that is made to look like it’s a living organism, much like the television it represents. 

The O was adopted as the design motif, and a multitude of colors were chosen to express a hue circle of the three primary colors of light (red, green and blue, or RGB). Within the O shape, dynamic lines were adopted to create vibrant light. The form itself is a transparent, organic-looking shape with a naturally occurring piling of layers. This look reflects a design that appears as thought it is moving.

The concept behind the logo is a living organism full of abundant energy reflected in light. Although the O shape of the logo is borrowed from the word “organic” in “OLED,” it was also inspired by the word “originality” as a representation of the ultimate in originality that Samsung has created. The shape of the O is rendered in a nonstandardized flexible form: The O cannot be contained to one perfect circle; rather parts of the O (light strips) bend away as if the logo were breathing. The logo’s characteristics are visually emphasized to communicate that the product is representative of the OLED TV that is ushering in a new concept for a TV, user interface and design.

In principle, the O is used in combination with the words “OLED TV,” but can be used alone as a single O for greater visual impact. Breaking away from the previous standardized logo form, the O can be trimmed and distorted, and diverse, lively images can be created according to the color zone used.


Designed by Min-sung Kim and Tae-gyu Kim of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Contact: Jee-sun Kong -



The Clear Rx V2 features pharmacy bottles with a color-coded ring system, an upside-down bottle design with a flat wrap over the label, and an integrated patient information card. These features help the user to identify and select the appropriate medication.

Designed by Ryan McCoy, Stacy Abel, James Wilson, Adam Hoppus, Phillip Noren, Mathew Franks, Chris VonDohlen and Jessica Beeler of Target Corp.; Michael Makhlouf, John Vassallo, Gordon Beecroft and Duane Sawyer of Berry Plastics

Contact: Ryan McCoy -


Corrugated Package

The Corrugated Package reimagines a sustainable, recyclable and biodegradable way to package laptop computers. Bamboo, a rapidly renewable and recyclable resource, replaces traditional cushioning. Inside the box, the structure has been redesigned to optimize space and reduce the size of the package.

Designed by Yao Yingjia of Lenovo (Beijing) Ltd.

Contact: Linlin Zhou -


Grafik Plastic

Known for its unique structure, Grafik Plastic is a collection of interchangeable eyeglass frames. The semitranslucent packaging reflects the unique brand with a fun and interactive aesthetic and functionality. It was designed to inspire users to look into the packaging and create the feeling that they are a part of the product.

Designed by Jong Yeol Baik of Grafik Factory

Contact: Jong Yeol Baik -



The new NIVEA Logo is a clean and fresh look at one of the oldest and most established skincare brands in the world. The goal of the project was to design a universal identity for NIVEA as part of a larger effort to rebrand the company. With thousands of products sold worldwide, the logo is used on a mass scale on products and across marketing and promotional materials.

Designed by Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein, Noah Murphy Reinhertz and Dan Snyder of fuseproject for Biersdorf

Contact: Lauren Busto -


PACT Packaging

PACT is an apparel brand of underwear, t-shirts and socks that blends iconic design, sustainable textiles and support for powerful social and environmental causes. PACT’s packaging solution includes a system of boxes, hangtags and stickers that convey PACT’s brand message of sustainability, adaptability and design. The packaging system helps to identify and communicate the brand attributes while maintaining a fun and whimsical feel.

Designed by Yves Behar, Sara Butorac and Gabe Lamb of fuseproject for PACT

Contact: Lauren Busto -


Astro Gaming Retail Packaging

Astro Gaming Retail Packaging was designed to enhance the shelf appeal of Astro Gaming products while maintaining the premium positioning of the brand. The design language combines a sleeve with simple messaging, large product imagery and a bold interactive overprint with a repurposable internal box wrapped in science-fiction-inspired vector artwork.

Designed by Woo, Andrés Quiroz III and Brandon Lynne of Astro Studios and Adam Barry and Chris Chang of Astro Gaming for Astro Gaming

Contact: Brett Lovelady -


Leitz Icon Label Printer Cartridge Packaging

Designed for use in the Leitz Icon smart label printer, the Leitz Icon label printer cartridge packaging is a roll of compostable eco-friendly printer label cartridges made from recycled paper pulp and recycled plastic. Each cartridge contains 24 yards of labels with four width options. The cartridge functions as both the cartridge body and its own protective shipping box. 

Designed by Chris Whittall, IDSA, Ari Turgel, Zack Stephanchick, Matt Taylor and Dan Harden, IDSA of Whipsaw Inc. for Esselte Corp.

Contact: Dan Harden -


Pencil by FiftyThree Packaging

Pencil by FiftyThree Packaging houses the Pencil stylus designed to work with the Paper application. Pencil’s natural and expressive features for drawing, sketching and writing are built to work harmoniously with the app. It blends smart structural engineering and playful design. A spare tip and eraser parts are included, with sealed storage for them built right inside the packaging.

Designed by FiftyThree Inc.

Contact: Rachel Romano -