Packaging & Graphics

Packing system for anti-aging creams Natura Chronos

The new packaging design for the Natura Chrono line of anti-aging creams helps consumers indentify the exact product for their skin—while helping them to be eco-friendly. The timeless glass polymer vessel is refillable; simply replace the polypropylene cup that contains the Chronos cream.

Credits: Romy Hayashi and Gustavo Chelles for Rômulo Zamberlan and Felipe Braz - Natura (Brasil)

Contact: Gustavo Chelles:


The 20/20 Promotional Kit is a limited edition box containing a printed booklet, USB key with multimedia content and a mechanism prototype to explain the 20/20 headset concept. Distributed to a selective audience, the promotional kit created an engaging way to experience the central concept behind the design: the dynamic range of motion that is tensegrity.

Credits: Dana Krieger, Roger Jackson and Tad Toulis, IDSA of TEAGUE

Contact: Sarah Matheny:

Internally embossed glass Vortex® bottle

Using internal embossing, unique decoration can be applied to the inside of glass bottles from neck to heel while keeping the exterior smooth for easy labeling. The eye-catching design of the bottle features intertwining spirals that create a helix-like 3D effect on the neck for instant shelf appeal.

Credits: O-I Glass Innovation Team

Contact: Kristie Martin:

Replenish™ delivery system/reusable bottle for household cleaners

Replenish is a reusable spray bottle for household cleaners with a delivery system in a two-part arrangement: a reservoir of concentrate attached to the bottom of a spray bottle in which a unit of concentrate is mixed with water to make the cleaning fluid. When the spray runs out, simply flip the bottle to replenish the concentrate and refill with tap water.

Credits: Jason Foster of Replenish; Cathy Dodd and Gaylon White, Affiliate IDSA of Eastman Chemical Co.; James Ewell of MBDC Cradle to Cradle Consulting and Joe Tokich of Radius Product Development

Contact: Replenish:

NOOK Color Accessory Packaging System

The NOOKcolor accessory packaging system is a range of retail packages that market cases, electronics and other accessories for the NOOKcolor e-reader. The design challenges included creating the right balance between simplicity, perceived value and sustainability; portraying the NOOKcolor as a distinct device; and creating an information system that communicates which products are compatible with which devices.

Credits: Brett Wickens, Michael McQueen, Kenny Sweet, Xuan Shu, Sean McGuire, and Liisa Turan-Walters of Ammunition for Barnes & Noble

Contact: Vivian Wu:

Preserve Mail Back Pack Toothbrush

Preserve, who has been making toothbrushes from recycled #5 plastic food containers since 1997, wanted to further decrease its environmental impact. The Preserve Mail-Back Pack Toothbrush is the same toothbrush Preserve has always made with a mail-back pouch. After users are done with the toothbrush, they mail it back to Preserve, who transforms them into plastic lumber.

Credits: Preserve, Dr. Benjamin Linder. IDSA and Continuum for Preserve

Contact: Ed Milano:

Sleep by Help Remedies

Help is a collection of simple solutions for simple health problems that humanizes medicine. Each color-coded product states the basic health problem it addresses in straightforward human terms and offers a simple solution in the form of a pill without coatings, dyes or complications. The package communicates this approach, and a friendlier tone, with a pillow-like form made of soft paper pulp and biodegradable plastic.

Credits: Scott Chapps and Dave Malina of Chapps Mallina and Esther Mun of Little Fury

Contact: Dale Trigger:

Jawbone ERA Packaging

The Jawbone Era is a Bluetooth wireless headset that employs motion controls for enhanced interactivity. The Era packaging, echoes this technology. The box is layered; the slipcase is laser cut to match the pattern of the headset, while the inner box is printed with expressive imagery. When the outer layer is removed, the four sides fall away to instantly reveal the product and messaging.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA and Sara Butorac of fuseproject for Jawbone

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

KIN Packaging and Quick Start Guide Graphics

KIN was born out of the way a new generation of people communicate with mobile phones, immersed in social networking and constant sharing with friends. This mobile phone was designed to mimic how people communicate in real life, with people (not icons) at the heart of every action. And the packaging was designed to differentiate KIN from a sea of uniformity within the mobile industry while also being approachable and personal.

Credits: Mike Prstojevich, Jon Friedman, Joseph McLaughlin, Kat Holmes of Microsoft and Kirk James, Josh Beyer, Sean Barrett, Jeff Meakins, Ryan Collier of Cinco Design Office

Contact: Kathleen Holmes:

Swarovski AMPLIFY

The packaging for the Swarovski Amplify chandeliers is a continuation of the product itself. To reflect the six unique lantern shapes, designers designed six different packages, each with its own shape and color. Like the lanterns themselves, the packages are noticeably different yet work together as a series, maintaining consistent imagery and branding across each.

Credits: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Josh Morenstein, Isabelle Olsson, Seth Murray and Dan Snyder of fuseproject for Swarovski (Austria)

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: