Packaging & Graphics

Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset Packaging

Rather than hide what is in the box, the Jawbone packaging highlights the product, offering a 360-degree view of the contents. The unique yoke suspends the headset in mid-air as if exhibited in a museum case. Jawbone’s easy-to-use functions and innovative noise-canceling capabilities are explained on the back of the box. The sleek design of the packaging not only makes for an engaging in-store display, it is also sure to capture the consumer’s attention, setting Jawbone apart from the plethora of cell phone headsets. Jawbone immediately sold out at Cingular retail stores, becoming the store’s most successful accessory launch.

“From geek to chic. With stunning simplicity and economy, the product demonstrates functional and inspirational benefits with confidence and style.”

Moira Cullen, design director, North America, The Coca-Cola Company

Contact: Melissa Guthrie

Credit: fuseproject

Client: Aliph

ClearView packaging

Hewlett-Packard's (HP's) ClearView packaging design consists of four SonoPosts to provide stacking and side-impact strength, minimal use of corner cushions to provide impact and vibration protection, and a clear shrink-film hood to secure the packaged product to a pallet. The design offers many environmental benefits, such as material reduction and recyclability. For customers, the see-through accountability results in less handling abuse and allows easy inspection for damage before accepting delivery.

Contact: Perry Biancavilla: Credit: Perry Biancavilla of Hewlett-Packard Company; Steve Tornga, Mark Dillin, Jim Lowry and Ron Krockel of Sonoco; and John Stephan and Scott Watson of Createc Client:

Project Masiluleke Home HIV Test Kit

The Project Masiluleke Home HIV Test was designed to make HIV testing in South Africa a comfortable and familiar process. It combines mobile support with off-the-shelf saliva-based diagnostics. The test, designed in both English and Zulu, is available free of charge and is intended for private use in the home and outside of the traditional healthcare infrastructure.

"This concept kit holds so much promise. The depth of user research and understanding is impressive. The design solution is elegant in its simplicity and use of materials. I hope we get the opportunity to see how it works in the field."

--Claudia Kotchka, Affiliate IDSA, vice president, design innovation and strategy, Procter & Gamble

Contact: Sara Munday: Credit: frog design Client: Pop!Tech and iTeach

Tony Hawk: RIDE

Tony Hawk: RIDE is a brand new skateboard-shaped wireless videogame controller inspired by pro skateboarder Tony Hawk. The vision was to create a game that mimics the real life experience of skateboarding as authentically as possible. It can be used with video game consoles such as Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation. The controller console lets the gamer become an instant skateboard pro by offering a true and enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Contact: Melissa Guthrie: and Robert Sheldon:

ID/Entertainment Credit (silver): Yves Behar, Josh Morenstein and Serge Beaulieu of fuseproject; Product Council and Activision

Packaging & Graphics Credit (bronze): Yves Behar, IDSA, Serge Beaulieu and Sara Butorac of fuseproject for Activision


"Out of the Box: access to mobile communications for older people”

This design study aimed to investigate and find solutions to the increasing divide between European elders and digital technology. As the number of people over the age of 60 now exceeds the number of teenagers in the UK, this age group is becoming a powerful market segment. A central premise of the project was that the problem did not lie with the user and was not necessarily the fault of the device; learning to operate and use the technology was the main barrier.

Contact: Sang Yeon Lee:

Credit: Dokshin Lim and James Kosem of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (South Korea), and Adrian Westaway and Clara Gaggero of Royal College of Art (United Kingdom)

Belkin Conserve Surge with Timer Packaging

This packaging stores and protects the Conserve Surge with Timer, an 8-outlet surge suppressor with 6 outlets controlled by a desktop switch. This Surge is specifically designed for the workplace. As a commercial product, the package is not intended to sit on store shelves but is directly distributed from the VAR to the customer. The package is designed to make the installer's job easier rather than capture attention on a store shelf.

Contact: Mitchell Suckle:

Credit: Michael Wick, Pushpak Jain, Thorben Neu, Aaron Sevier, Ellen Roebuck, and Aaron Meneses of Belkin

Incase Packaging 2009

These products are sold primarily through Apple retail stores, where consumers are encouraged to test fit products. To facilitate this process, the packaging is designed to open quickly and easily without causing damage to the package and product. Other design considerations included using recyclable materials, positioning this company as a premium brand, and effectively communicating key product features.

Contat: Kento Tanaka:

Credit: Moses Aipa, Kento Tanaka, Greg Kaats and Allen Choi of Incase Designs Corp.

Jawbone ICON Headset

The fifth-generation Jawbone Bluetooth headset is smaller, packed with more technology and easier to wear. Named Jawbone ICON, this release also introduces an unprecedented suite of choices for greater self-expression.  It is the first device to launch with six completely unique shield designs, and each has a jewelry-like presence.  With apps from MyTALK, a browser based updater; you can change the voice that conveys important information like battery life or Caller ID.

“The Jawbone range is doing exactly what it says on its packaging: defining the ‘Ear Wear’ category. Clear, confident and accomplished.”  --Rhys Newman, IDSA, Nokia

Contact: Melissa Guthrie:

Communication Tools Credit: Yves Behar, IDSA, Qin Li, Noah Murphy Reinhertz, Gabe Lamb and Bret Recor of fuseproject for Jawbone

Packaging & Graphics Credit: Yves Behar, IDSA, Sara Butorac and David Riofrio of fuse project for Jawbone


litl webbook packaging

Litl's packaging is simple, minimal and imparts a sense of quality and effort about the product within. Unlike other computer companies, litl has designed packaging that is its own shipping box.  Eliminating the need for an additional protective box reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing space needed for transportation. The entire package is made from recyclable paper with no plastics or foams used. The interior also has small removable boxes a user can remove and use as desk containers. Also, instead of inserting an unused instructional book that most people tend not to read, litl collaborated with one of the world's most prominent illustrators to create several fun cards for enclosure, visually introducing the world to the way litl works, both in hardware, software and philosophy.

"Litl Webbook is for families who aren't necessarily tech savvy, and the wit and charm of the brand language translated in how the packaging was presented and unfolded. The smart use of corrugated box structure, which made the packaging look thoughtful and giftable, also functioned to protect the product. Attention to details and emotional connection granted this packaging the design excellence."  --Fumi Watanabe, Starbucks

Contact: Aaron Tang:

Credit: Aaron Tang and John Chuang of litl; Abbott Miller and Jeremy Hoffman of Pentagram

Track & Field – Ecotrack Capsules

Ecotrack Capsules were designed as a sustainable and inventive way to package and display Track & Field’s clothes and sporting equipment. The products are individually packaged in canisters; style, color and size are distinguished by the iconography and color on the lids. The capsules can be integrated into the architecture of the stores, creating an impressive wall of products that is both practical and imaginary. 

Credits: Zeuner Fraissat, Pedro Ortega, Jose Carlos Gonçalves, Védat/Gerresheimer, Marcos Rogério Eleutério for Fred Wagner – Track & Field (Brasil)

Contact:Cintia Martin: