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simplehuman Packaging & Brand Identity

Client: simplehuman

The client planned to introduce a new line of high-quality, stainless steel waste cans to compete in the premium market. The packaging had to help consumers understand why the cans were higher in price than competitors', while conveying the quality of the product. The solution was bold color and icon coding and clean product photography on the box exterior. Dual-level icon and photography systems were developed and the boxes act as in-store signage when shelved.

  • The boxes have a cut-away hole so consumers can see the product's finish tone and texture.
  • Since the new packaging was introduced, sales have grown by more than 25 percent.

Contact: Wendi Parson,
Smart Design,

Credit: Smart Design

Tresdon - WineCase/WineRack System

Client: Icon Development Group, Inc.

Tresdon is a multi-functional wine bottle case designed with the manufacturer, retailer, and consumer in mind. The slotted birch components can be assembled into a package to carry and transport wine bottles and converted into an elegant point-of-purchase display for a retail environment. After purchase, the consumer can easily convert the components into a wine rack. Its modularity even allows it to be connected with other units to create an expanded wine rack.

Contact: Ben LaBelle,
Icon Packaging, USA,

Credit: Icon Packaging

Echo by Davidoff Men's Cologne Bottle

Client: Davidoff, France

The solution was to create a design of contrasts through sensual minimalism. The soft and sensual form of the side profile (feminine) beautifully contrasts with the rectilinear austerity of the face of the bottle (masculine.) Also, the form factor visually communicates how to use and dispense the fragrance at the corner edge of the product. The design appeals to a younger, more image-oriented consumer. Worldwide sales continue to increase and have enabled our client to successfully penetrate a market it had never been sold in before.

Contact: Karim Rashid,
Karim Rashid Inc., USA,

Credit: Karim Rashid Inc.

Clorox/Armor All Wipes Dispensing Closure

The CWC is a hassle-free dispensing system for pre-moistened wipes that are packaged in perforated rolls, and sold in canister format. The revolutionary dispenser allows user to access (and start) the wipe roll without removing the lid, obviating the need to carefully thread the first wipe through the previously tiny opening. Just flip open lid, reach into the hinged doors, and grab and pull up the first wipe. This closes the doors to form the perfect dispensing orifice, which then provides true one-at-a-time wipe dispensing. Also, the vastly improved sealing system will resist drying out and adds value with prolonged product life.

Contact: Benjamin Mizrahi,
Union Street Brand Packaging, USA,

Credit: Union Street Brand Packaging; The Clorox Company

Method 3X Laundry Detergent

Method 3X Laundry Detergent simplifies the chore of doing laundry and makes it gentler on the environment. By using a concentrated formula that eliminates the unnecessary water added to detergents to bulk them up and add to consumer perception of value, the size of the bottle is significantly reduced. The handle-free bottle is easily held in one hand (weighing only two pounds), and is efficiently stored in space-constrained and urban households. The innovative squeeze-and-pour cap ensures a mess-free, accurate dose of detergent is delivered to your washing machine. Most impressive is the market penetration (which exceeds that of many major mass-market brands that have been on the market for decades) achieved where deeply entrenched multi-national players fortress the market from newcomers. Sales added more than 20 percent to the company's 2004 revenue growth.

Contact: Adam Lowry,
Method Products, Inc., USA,

Credit: Karim Rashid, Inc.; Kate Spade, Inc.; Method Products, Inc.

1-2 Paint

Client: Akzo Nobel Decoratives, Netherlands

Growth is difficult in the oversaturated Latex wall paint market. The design innovation that would bring growth potential was in the realization that the packaging can be more than just a means for transporting and storing paint. The rectangular 1-2 can eliminates the need for a separate paint tray. When opened, its lid transforms into a paint tray that fits the width of a standard paint roller. No paint is wasted and no cleaning is required. Since AKZO implemented this new solution, their sales volume has increased eight-fold and their shelf presence has grown from an average of 8 to 18 percent.

"What is remarkable about the 1-2 Paint System is that it addresses both a person's typical frustration with managing paint during use, as well as the environmental impact and economic waste produced by disposable paint trays. There are thousands of everyday problems like this that would benefit from the thoughtfulness exhibited by the designers of this packaging innovation. Bravo!" -Chris Conley, IDSA, Principal, Gravity Tank

Contact: Ronald Lewerissa,
FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB, Netherlands,
+31 15 2756666,

Credit: FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB, Netherlands


Client: Galp Energia SGPS (Portugal)

Pluma is a lightweight canister for storing and transporting LP gas for domestic use. Named after the Latin term for a bird’s feather, Pluma is 50 percent lighter than traditional steel cylinders. And due to its polyethylene composition, Pluma doesn’t sound like a normal gas canister either. The exterior is covered with a heavy grain texture for a soft look and warm touch, and the interior is comprised of a pressed, coated steel plate liner less than 1 mm thick. The ergonomic design of the collar and rounded handle provide greater comfort and efficiency when lifting or handling. Its clean shape and bright coloration is also more suitable for household environments. Its iconographic design sets a new standard for mass-produced lightweight LP gas cylinders.

“…a product that actually adds aesthetic value to the home, in a category that has been ignored for many years.”
--Rinat Aruh, Brand Innovation Consultancy

Contact: Teresa LeitePerry
Brandia Central
+351 21 392 30 00

Credit: Brandia Central (Portugal)

Sonia Kashuk Fragrance Primary Packaging

The Sonia Kashuk Fragrance packaging includes two products: a solid fragrance compact and liquid fragrance bottle. The compact contains three solid fragrances that consumers can mix and match to create a customized scent. An artist's palette served as inspiration for the compact’s form and the organization of the product within. The progressive form is balanced by a familiar material—aluminum—resulting in a feminine tactile experience that easily fits in your palm, purse or pocket. For the liquid fragrance bottle, the elegant curved lines of the compact were elongated and made to stand upright. The bottle was stripped clean of extraneous details until all that was left was an asymmetrical form that feels great in the hand.

Contact:Harry Allen, IDSA

Credit: Harry Allen & Associates

Client: Target

CARGO Liquid Foundation

CARGO Liquid Foundation is the first makeup product to be packaged in a plastic pouch. With its sleek, lightweight design, consumers can dispense the amount of foundation they need more accurately than with traditional screw-top or pump bottles. The pouch also collapses, so even the last drop of foundation can be squeezed out. Also, unlike traditional hard packaging, the pouch decreases in volume as the foundation is used, making it increasingly portable. Sales have more than doubled in the nine months following the launch, and CARGO has received recognition in many beauty and trade publications, including O Magazine, Lucky and Cosmetics Magazine.

Contact: Jaye Campbell
416-847-0700 x 31

Credit: CARGO Cosmetics (Canada)


RP-HTX7 headphone package

This design challenge called for a packaging solution for the RP-HTX7 headphones that would be ideal for retailers with limited space. The packaging intentionally does not reveal the full product but instead highlights its key features—its retro styling and range of colors. This approach maximizes the display options available to retailers: the RP-HTX7 can be displayed on its side or at a slanted angle in addition to a conventional front display—all of which vividly present the product. The ability to showcase the complete range of color options coupled with a simple package that offers a clear view of the retro styling can only draw greater consumer attention.

Contact:Masaru Tochishita
+81 6 69 05 47 21

Credit: Panasonic Design Company (Japan)

Client: Panasonic (Japan)