Packaging & Graphics

OXO Grind It Packaging

Client: OXO International

Using a well-communicated design with easy-to-understand language, OXO International created a compelling packaging system to introduce its new line Grind It. Because grinding dried herbs and spices is new to the American market, OXO's new line Grind IT needed to grab the buyer's attention and quickly explain the Grind IT system.

"This appealing system speaks to me on several levels: its color-coding appeals visually; it presents the opportunity for freshly ground spices; it provides education on how to use spices, and ideas for recipes. I love the clean, clear, concise packaging elements. It makes me want to start cooking."- Carla Blackman, IDSA

Contact: Jinny Kim, Smart Design,

Credit: Smart Design

Odak Skin-Care Products Packaging

Client: Odak Kozmetik Sanayi, Turkey

The product packing design has a dreamy quality and the material shapes have an anxious language. Odak, a Turkish skin-care product manufacturer, used a flexible packaging system with shapes and colors of each product that were specifically designed to be flexible in marketing and instantly recognizable to the consumer.

"This system is a beautiful addition to a crowded market. It nests together, making a neat uncluttered package— and the colors are great! It is especially valuable to lower income women in other parts of the world who can't afford current brand names. The designers have created an object that a person wants to touch! The package has a beautiful aesthetic, a dreamy quality." - Carla Blackman, IDSA

Contact: Bob Sweet, ZIBA Design,

Credit: ZIBA Design, Inc. and Odak Kozmetik Sanayi, Turkey

Perfume09 Travel Perfume

Client: Haasprojekt

The bottle is made of low-durometer polyurethane and challenges the notion of the precious perfume container and is a reliable bottle that survives travel rigors. The glowing red interior core is enclosed in a clear material and thematically challenges the notion of container and space. While proposing a unique iconic solution, the bottle also embodies the tradition of perfume. The refillable perfume flacon fits well in the hand as well as on a flat surface.

Contact: Yves Béhar, IDSA,
fuseproject, inc.,
415.908.1492 x11

Credit: fuseproject

Logitech® Headset Packaging

Client: Logitech, Inc.

The containers permit a clear view of the product within, displaying color, shape, components and functionality. Six of seven product packages are a molded blister pack container, echoing the product's shape. Distinctive shape to communicate the line's sales position-fashionable fit. Consumer can feel the product through the packaging. Reduced the need to develop and manufacture over 200 different packages for the different products.

Contact: Jacqueline Sella,
ZIBA Design,

Credit: ZIBA Design Team

Starck Packaging Strategy

Client: Target Corp.

The Starck Packaging Strategy, invents new fold-up form that use shrink-wrap. Packaging creates considerable salesmanship for Target's Philippe Starck designs. Philippe Starck's face and commentary of his design are on the packaging. The understated design strategy shows how design can grab the customer's attention in a quiet way. Created a buzz over an "in-and-out" program for Target around Starck-designed products.

Contact: Steven Sikora,
Design Guys,

Credit: Design Guys

Schroeder Milk Package

Client: Schroeder Milk

Clean, white opaque package communicates a European sophistication with vertical use of the fat-level designation of the contents, such as One or Skim. Research showed consumers were more interested in the fat content of the milk, rather than the brand on the label. Also uses rotating esoteric phrases that speak to the consumer.

"One of the most appropriate, clear and beautiful packages in this part of the supermarket. Congratulations!" -Louis Nelson, IDSA, President, Louis Nelson Associates Inc.

Contact: Aaron Keller, Capsule,

Credit: Capsule

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100% Generosity Bag

Holiday innovation twist: instead of giving clients a gift for the holidays, @radical asked their clients to give clothing to those in need by supplying an original design of a laundry bag for clients to put donated clothes in, rather than a gift from @radical. The bag features artwork silkscreened onto canvas fabric and black ribbon; manufactured into laundry bags. Each of the company's offices coordinated pickup and delivery; over 100 bags were returned with clothing and more than 25 donations were returned in garbage bags or boxes because clients wanted to keep the bag. Campaign increased @radical's position and was a great internal morale booster.

"A fine idea that truly matters. How many times have I thought of trying to do something better during the holidays? This is it!" -Louis Nelson, IDSA, President, Louis Nelson Associates Inc.

Contact: Angela Fung,,


Dutch Boy Twist & Pour Paint Delivery System

Client: The Sherwin-Williams Co.

Plastic paint container with screw off and on lid that replaces the metal paint can that has not changed in 100 years. Design features include, ergonomic side handle, 'lug' lip for drip-free pouring and double bail and slide for easy carrying and pouring control. Square design allows more information to be put on front of paint container.

"At long last! Untold hours of toil and frustration and mess for well over 50 years have finally resulted in one of the most sane design solutions to reach the average home owner and apartment dweller. This package is recyclable, easy to pour and a dream to close." -Louis Nelson, IDSA, President, Louis Nelson Associates Inc.

Contact: John Nottingham,
IDSA and John Spirk,
Nottingham-Spirk Design Assoc.

Credit: Nottingham-Spirk Design Assoc.

The Consistency of Shadows: Exhibition Catalogs as Autonomous Works of Art

Client: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

The question of how to design an innovative catalog about innovative catalogs and do it within a very restrictive budget created a challenge for designers. They came up with a low-cost print piece made up of a series of small booklets that, when spread out, form a huge circle to avoid any hierarchy. Pieced through the booklet is a CD-ROM of color images. The two items appear more as sculpture than a catalog.

The interaction between the CD and booklet illustrate their connection.

Contact: Kevin Henry, IDSA,

Credit: Inventory and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Aveda Uruku Lipstick

The reusable lipstick case is made of an environmentally friendly plastic with a woody texture and square edges that enable even weak fingers to get a grip. The reduction in packaging costs allowed Aveda to upgrade the formula with a higher percentage of organic ingredients while lowering the unit cost of each lipstick.

Contact: Harry Allen, IDSA,
Harry Allen and Assoc,

Credit:Harry Allen and Assoc and Aveda