Packaging & Graphics

Curved G-Flex Package Design

The G-Flex packaging intuitively reflects the vertically curved shape of the G-Flex smartphone. Secondly, the packaging has the same roundness value as the smartphone to ensure the smartphone fits into the packaging snugly and can withstand any external impact without additional packing materials. The G-Flex packaging is made with eco-friendly paper and soy ink, and minimizes the use of unnecessary materials by optimizing its structure, out of consideration for the environment.

Designed by: Il Do, Byungjin Oh, Jeeyeon Lee and Younmi Na for LG Electronics, Inc.


Patagonia Baselayer Packaging

When is more actually less? When what you see isn't the full truth. The redesign of the iconic, simplistic, package known as the sushi roll required a second look at the entire manufacturing and distribution system to find an environmentally responsible design solution that also encouraged increased sales in retail. The strategic structural and graphic design approach required a team capable of addressing the complexity of the entire system while designing for both the shopper and the planet.  The simplicity of the Patagonia Baselayer Packaging design does more at the shelf and makes less of an impact on the planet than the previous packaging approach.

Designed by: Capsule; Avery Dennison; and Lotus for Patagonia


HP Chromebook 11 Packaging

The HP Chromebook, an ultra-minimalist and affordable laptop designed to make it possible for more people to access the Internet. Focusing on simplicity and minimalism, Liquid worked closely with the client's packaging designers at Uneka to create innovative forms in molded bagasse pulp, that are both environmentally friendly and protective.

Designed by Alfredo Muccino, Diane Stember Richards and Jeff Gardner of Liquid Agency; in partnership with Chris Palmer, Steven Shainwald and Adam Richardson of Uneka Concepts Inc; and Sherry Chen of BeGreen for Google.


Alfredo Muccino
Liquid Agency

Adam Richardson


UP24™ by Jawbone®

The UP24 by Jawbone is a wearable device that tracks a user’s sleep, activity and diet. Its redesigned packaging incorporates resource-conserving materials and is scalable across Jawbone’s portfolio of products.

Designed by Yves Béhar, IDSA, Qin Lin, Kristine Arth, Erik Kreider, Gustav Rehnby and Hardy Chambliss of fuseproject and Jawbone

Contact: Daniel Sherman -


Eco-Friendly Packaging

The Eco-Friendly Packaging project sought to reduce the environmental footprint of products while imparting a unique, humanistic sensibility and elegant feeling. This was accomplished through a reduction in size and a change of materials, coupled with an innovative design. While other eco-conscious products communicate an ecological story through a basic presentation, Eco-Friendly Packaging has carefully considered design attributes to generate warmth and approachability.

Designed by One & Co.

Contact: Yujin Kawase -


NapaStyle Packaging

Client: NapaStyle

Simple, elegant graphics tie together a new line of specialty food products from the Napa Valley marketed by chef Michael Chiarello of PBS fame. The system is flexible enough to expand into packaging, web and collateral. It's easy-to-read labels fit Chiarello's effort to encourage home-cooking.

Contact: Melissa Guzman,
Pentagram Design,

Designers: Pentagram Design

TDK Stack CD Case

Client: TDK Electronics Corp.

While technology constantly reinvents how people can copy music, the physical storage of CDs has remained static. TDK was able to reduce materials and manufacturing costs by 50 percent when it converted the conventional jewel case into an effective, stackable one-sided case with easy, visible labeling that takes up half the space.

Contact: Scott Underwood, IDEO,

Designers: IDEO and TDK Electronics Corp.

Philou Hair Products

Client: Philou Inc.

In an overcrowded cosmetics market, a new company has a slim chance of being noticed unless its design sings. Philou's right leaning bottles of hair care products strike a chord with its pre-teen target market and have won the company immediate orders from Sephora and other retailers.

Contact: Yves Behar, IDSA,

Designers: fuseproject

Microsoft Office 2001 For Mac

Client: Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft wanted to break out of the box with the packaging of its Microsoft office 2001 for Mac. Paperboard, considered too mundane for Mac users, was tossed in favor of a plastic injection molded CD-like case that's a model of "green" packaging design. It weighs one-fourth of the old cardboard box, is reusable and is made from 50 percent post consumer recycled water bottles and CDs.

"Of all the products that claimed to be reusable, the Office 2001 case seems the most likely to have a second life. By completely rethinking the package, they've managed to eliminate most of the waste found around so much boxed software. The team created a case that looks like the Mac world, holds extra CD's beyond the MS disk, and will handily survive life in a soft briefcase." -Peter Kuttner, Cambridge Seven Associates

Contact: Christopher Reinke, IDSA,
Radius Product Development, Inc.,

Designers: Radius Product Development, Inc. and Ivy Hill Corp.

SPOT Endoscopic Marker Packaging

Client: GI Supply

GI Supply had developed the method of marking cancerous lesions on the wall of a patient's stomach or colon during an endoscopic procedure. The mark would provide a reference point for subsequent removal of the tissue. Now the company needed an inexpensive packaging solution that would turn the technology into a product. Bolt responded with a whimsical brand identity that uses color and simple iconography that make it appear less threatening, thereby reducing user anxiety.

"One of the more notable aspects of the packaging is its personality. I wish other pharmaceutical companies would think this way." -Nasir Kassamali, Luminaire

Contact: Monty Montague
IDSA, BOLTgroup,

Designers: BOLT