Client: Galp Energia SGPS (Portugal)

Pluma is a lightweight canister for storing and transporting LP gas for domestic use. Named after the Latin term for a bird’s feather, Pluma is 50 percent lighter than traditional steel cylinders. And due to its polyethylene composition, Pluma doesn’t sound like a normal gas canister either. The exterior is covered with a heavy grain texture for a soft look and warm touch, and the interior is comprised of a pressed, coated steel plate liner less than 1 mm thick. The ergonomic design of the collar and rounded handle provide greater comfort and efficiency when lifting or handling. Its clean shape and bright coloration is also more suitable for household environments. Its iconographic design sets a new standard for mass-produced lightweight LP gas cylinders.

“…a product that actually adds aesthetic value to the home, in a category that has been ignored for many years.”
--Rinat Aruh, Brand Innovation Consultancy

Contact: Teresa LeitePerry
Brandia Central
+351 21 392 30 00

Credit: Brandia Central (Portugal)