Odak Skin-Care Products Packaging

Client: Odak Kozmetik Sanayi, Turkey

The product packing design has a dreamy quality and the material shapes have an anxious language. Odak, a Turkish skin-care product manufacturer, used a flexible packaging system with shapes and colors of each product that were specifically designed to be flexible in marketing and instantly recognizable to the consumer.

"This system is a beautiful addition to a crowded market. It nests together, making a neat uncluttered package— and the colors are great! It is especially valuable to lower income women in other parts of the world who can't afford current brand names. The designers have created an object that a person wants to touch! The package has a beautiful aesthetic, a dreamy quality." - Carla Blackman, IDSA

Contact: Bob Sweet, ZIBA Design,

Credit: ZIBA Design, Inc. and Odak Kozmetik Sanayi, Turkey