Microsoft Office 2001 For Mac

Client: Microsoft Corp.

Microsoft wanted to break out of the box with the packaging of its Microsoft office 2001 for Mac. Paperboard, considered too mundane for Mac users, was tossed in favor of a plastic injection molded CD-like case that's a model of "green" packaging design. It weighs one-fourth of the old cardboard box, is reusable and is made from 50 percent post consumer recycled water bottles and CDs.

"Of all the products that claimed to be reusable, the Office 2001 case seems the most likely to have a second life. By completely rethinking the package, they've managed to eliminate most of the waste found around so much boxed software. The team created a case that looks like the Mac world, holds extra CD's beyond the MS disk, and will handily survive life in a soft briefcase." -Peter Kuttner, Cambridge Seven Associates

Contact: Christopher Reinke, IDSA,
Radius Product Development, Inc.,

Designers: Radius Product Development, Inc. and Ivy Hill Corp.