Method Laundry Detergent with Smartclean Technology

Best in Show

Method's new laundry detergent offers outstanding cleaning power with a patented, super concentrated, plant-based biodegradable formula, delivered in the world's first handheld pump bottle.  The bottle can be used one-handed and it allows controlled, accurate, no-mess dispensing.

"This packaging design is successful because it not only packages the product, but also enhances the experience of the occasion in which to use this product. Even though the pump structure is nothing new in cosmetic packaging, the combination of ultra concentrated detergent product and the packaging brought the new behavior to the consumer, reducing the resources and water use. 'Why hasn't anybody done this before?' illustrated the design excellence of this packaging."  --Fumi Watanabe, Starbucks

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Credit: Joshua Handy and Sally Clarke of Method Products, Inc.