Method 3X Laundry Detergent


Method 3X Laundry Detergent simplifies the chore of doing laundry and makes it gentler on the environment. By using a concentrated formula that eliminates the unnecessary water added to detergents to bulk them up and add to consumer perception of value, the size of the bottle is significantly reduced. The handle-free bottle is easily held in one hand (weighing only two pounds), and is efficiently stored in space-constrained and urban households. The innovative squeeze-and-pour cap ensures a mess-free, accurate dose of detergent is delivered to your washing machine. Most impressive is the market penetration (which exceeds that of many major mass-market brands that have been on the market for decades) achieved where deeply entrenched multi-national players fortress the market from newcomers. Sales added more than 20 percent to the company's 2004 revenue growth.

Contact: Adam Lowry,
Method Products, Inc., USA,

Credit: Karim Rashid, Inc.; Kate Spade, Inc.; Method Products, Inc.