litl webbook packaging

Litl's packaging is simple, minimal and imparts a sense of quality and effort about the product within. Unlike other computer companies, litl has designed packaging that is its own shipping box.  Eliminating the need for an additional protective box reduces the carbon footprint by minimizing space needed for transportation. The entire package is made from recyclable paper with no plastics or foams used. The interior also has small removable boxes a user can remove and use as desk containers. Also, instead of inserting an unused instructional book that most people tend not to read, litl collaborated with one of the world's most prominent illustrators to create several fun cards for enclosure, visually introducing the world to the way litl works, both in hardware, software and philosophy.

"Litl Webbook is for families who aren't necessarily tech savvy, and the wit and charm of the brand language translated in how the packaging was presented and unfolded. The smart use of corrugated box structure, which made the packaging look thoughtful and giftable, also functioned to protect the product. Attention to details and emotional connection granted this packaging the design excellence."  --Fumi Watanabe, Starbucks

Contact: Aaron Tang:

Credit: Aaron Tang and John Chuang of litl; Abbott Miller and Jeremy Hoffman of Pentagram