Clorox/Armor All Wipes Dispensing Closure


The CWC is a hassle-free dispensing system for pre-moistened wipes that are packaged in perforated rolls, and sold in canister format. The revolutionary dispenser allows user to access (and start) the wipe roll without removing the lid, obviating the need to carefully thread the first wipe through the previously tiny opening. Just flip open lid, reach into the hinged doors, and grab and pull up the first wipe. This closes the doors to form the perfect dispensing orifice, which then provides true one-at-a-time wipe dispensing. Also, the vastly improved sealing system will resist drying out and adds value with prolonged product life.

Contact: Benjamin Mizrahi,
Union Street Brand Packaging, USA,

Credit: Union Street Brand Packaging; The Clorox Company