100% Generosity Bag

Holiday innovation twist: instead of giving clients a gift for the holidays, @radical asked their clients to give clothing to those in need by supplying an original design of a laundry bag for clients to put donated clothes in, rather than a gift from @radical. The bag features artwork silkscreened onto canvas fabric and black ribbon; manufactured into laundry bags. Each of the company's offices coordinated pickup and delivery; over 100 bags were returned with clothing and more than 25 donations were returned in garbage bags or boxes because clients wanted to keep the bag. Campaign increased @radical's position and was a great internal morale booster.

"A fine idea that truly matters. How many times have I thought of trying to do something better during the holidays? This is it!" -Louis Nelson, IDSA, President, Louis Nelson Associates Inc.

Contact: Angela Fung,

Credit: @radical.media