1-2 Paint

Client: Akzo Nobel Decoratives, Netherlands

Growth is difficult in the oversaturated Latex wall paint market. The design innovation that would bring growth potential was in the realization that the packaging can be more than just a means for transporting and storing paint. The rectangular 1-2 can eliminates the need for a separate paint tray. When opened, its lid transforms into a paint tray that fits the width of a standard paint roller. No paint is wasted and no cleaning is required. Since AKZO implemented this new solution, their sales volume has increased eight-fold and their shelf presence has grown from an average of 8 to 18 percent.

"What is remarkable about the 1-2 Paint System is that it addresses both a person's typical frustration with managing paint during use, as well as the environmental impact and economic waste produced by disposable paint trays. There are thousands of everyday problems like this that would benefit from the thoughtfulness exhibited by the designers of this packaging innovation. Bravo!" -Chris Conley, IDSA, Principal, Gravity Tank

Contact: Ronald Lewerissa,
FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB, Netherlands,
+31 15 2756666,

Credit: FLEX/the INNOVATIONLAB, Netherlands