“Excellent” Ice Cream

Featured Finalist

For a quarter of a century, Excellent Ice Cream packaging consisted of 16 pieces of small ice cream, each wrapped in folded paper and stored in a drawer-like paper box. It was due for an overhaul to attract a new generation. New premium packaging features 100 ml cups with an air pocket, so users don’t feel the coldness of the ice cream while holding the cups. The size of the cup also allows users to hold it easily. The new rectangular shape of the cup allows space for a spoon to scoop the ice cream. The cups and their soft lids also can be reused and stacked for easy and convenient storage.

Designed by: Jangsub Lee, Minah Hong and Koojong Kang of action seoul, Lee Seongyong of Lee Seongyong Design for Binggrae

Contact: JANG S. LEE