Packaging & Graphics

Chu's Orange

In China, Chu Sijan's fruit and fruit packaging, showcasing the "King of Oranges," are widely known. Cultivating oranges on 130 hectares of former wasteland, he began a new business at the age of 74. The logo on the boxes features the woodcut of his profile, wearing a farmer's hat, next to the company name. The boxes elevate the fruit automatically when unpacked with a simple pull for easy access. Each orange is wrapped in a protective cover. 

Designed by: Tiger Pan of Shenzhen Tiger Pan Packaging Design Co.,Ltd. for Yunnan Shijian Fruit Co.,Ltd.


Mr. Pip's Double Cross Packaging

Mr. Pip's Double Cross is a twist on the most popular dice game in the world, Liar’s Dice. The game’s iconic design provides a holistic form that embodies the function of the game, presenting it as an elegant object that doubles as décor. The environmentally conscious molded pulp packaging raises curiosity and attracts customers at the point of sale. Multiple units stack securely to dramatically conserve space on the shelf and in shipping, allowing more units to be shipped in fewer boxes, reducing the product’s overall carbon footprint.

Designed by: Pip Tompkin Design for Mr. Pip

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“Excellent” Ice Cream

For a quarter of a century, Excellent Ice Cream packaging consisted of 16 pieces of small ice cream, each wrapped in folded paper and stored in a drawer-like paper box. It was due for an overhaul to attract a new generation. New premium packaging features 100 ml cups with an air pocket, so users don’t feel the coldness of the ice cream while holding the cups. The size of the cup also allows users to hold it easily. The new rectangular shape of the cup allows space for a spoon to scoop the ice cream. The cups and their soft lids also can be reused and stacked for easy and convenient storage.

Designed by: Jangsub Lee, Minah Hong and Koojong Kang of action seoul, Lee Seongyong of Lee Seongyong Design for Binggrae

Contact: JANG S. LEE

Amber Wine

In this age of fast consumption, many products with deep meaningful culture have been commercialized blindly, losing their heritage. The packaging and graphics of Amber Wine boosts the noble qualities and dignity of the yellow rice wine. An exquisite traditional Chinese knot reinforces the brand's regional significance, and enriches the overall image and temperament.

Designed by: Li Sun and Chenli Yuan Xun of Rong design for Fengfan Farm Products

Contact: Li Sun

Goldfish Tea Bag

The ritual and meaning of tea culture is long and deep—and hard to convey. Therefore, the designer wanted to create a unique and friendly tea product to share the wonderful taste and experience of tea. When filled with tea leaves and placed in the water, the goldfish-shaped sachet comes alive like a goldfish swimming in a pond.

Designed by: Su JingMei


Polaroid Cube Packaging

Polaroid Cube packaging houses a tiny action camera designed to appeal to everyone—not just extreme sport fanatics. The clear packaging creates a showcase for the Cube that instantly captures consumers’ attention and imagination with the video camera’s compact size and sporty and playful design.

Designed by: Brett Wickens, Hamish Thain, Monica Gaultier and Clare Rhinelander of Ammunition; HLP Klearfold for Polaroid and C&A Marketing




August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is a category-creating product, enabling users to unlock their front door through mere proximity. But it’s not just the product that’s attracting attention. The packaging reflects the experience; it’s designed as a door. A rectangle-shaped box is held shut with magnets and can be opened wide like a door. The top half of the interior, when pulled out, acts as a folder that holds the instruction manual inside. Discreetly tucked underneath the folder lies the mounting hardware, fitting neatly into pre-structured slots. Other than the product, manual and limited mounting hardware, the interior of the package remains clear of unnecessary elements to maximize efficiency and visual clarity. Simple, sustainable and intuitive, the August packaging builds brand equity while providing users a seamless product experience from the moment of purchase.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Evan Sornstein and Matthew Pempkowski of fuseproject for August


AKA Smartphone Package Design

This smartphone package can express the individuality of a user. The cartoon characters on the package represent the unique characteristics of the product. The exterior design is the product's strongest feature as the emotional expressions of the characters are on view. The action of separating the box by detaching the sleeve is intended to resemble the action of attaching/detaching the front cover of the product. The visually repetitive design of the package was inspired by nesting dolls that are placed inside one another.

Designed by: Ewisung Choe, Jaesoon Choi, Youngmi Yoon and Younmi Na of LG Electronics. Inc.


Edyn Garden Sensor Packaging

The Edyn Garden Sensor is a connected device that stems into the soil of the user’s garden and measures nutrient levels, moisture, sunlight exposure, etc., and sends the information in real time to an app. To reflect the experience of the product, we built the packaging around the sensor as if it were stemming into soil. The “soil” is a cardboard box, with a pattern built from the Edyn logo with a brown, earthy background, fading into exposed natural cardboard. The exterior of the package has a blurred image of a lush garden against a clean, white background. The exterior box lifts upward to reveal the interior “soil,” mimicking the layers of the earth with the Edyn Garden Sensor fixed into it. As the connected garden sensor is a new category of products, we’ve put clear graphics on each side of the box to signify how the product is used. While one side shows a hero image of the product vertically and the opposite side horizontally (so that the package can be placed either way on the shelves), the other sides show screens from the Edyn app to showcase the ease of use, and the social aspects of the product respectively. The top of the box simply has the Edyn logo, keeping the box clear of extraneous images or information.

Designed by: Yves Béhar, IDSA, Liam Adelman, Michelle Dawson, Noah Polsky and Christina Park of fuseproject for Edyn



Purina® Pro Plan® Renew™ Cat Litter Jug

Ecologic Brands came up with the world’s first paper bottle. The molded fiber shells are made from 100 percent recycled cardboard and newspaper. The Purina® Pro Plan® Renew™ cat litter jug, developed in partnership with Nestlé Purina PetCare, is our most innovative package. This package is Ecologic’s first bottle made entirely from molded fiber, including the friction-fit cap; there is no trace of plastic material in this package. The jug is completely recyclable in most communities, and the material can be recycled up to seven times. 

Designed by: Stephen Wurth, IDSA, Julie Corbett, Glenn May, Romeo Graham and Rob Watters, IDSA of Nestle Purina